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I'm no geek and use Wordpress only from the Dashboard - never any php or ftp and only cpanel very rarely, and only if I must.

My Weaver theme says I should upgrade to the new version which uses HTML5.

All I need is a theme and blog that works easily from the Dashboard with no geeky hassles to sort out.

Q1. So should I upgrade to using the latest theme version that uses HTML5 or not?

Q2. Do I need HTML5 or not?

From some quick research it looks like I don't need it and would probably run into some techy problems if I upgraded to a theme using HTML5.

Does anyone have any advice for someone with my lack of technical and HTML skills who only wants an easy to use, hassle-free blog and theme?
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    At this stage, no you don't need it, any more than you need CSS3.

    Your site is still going to function as it always has, even when all the browsers interpret the full HTML5 spec, which could be years!

    At this stage, the HTML5 theme upgrade may have features that need HTML5 to display correctly, but your version of the theme is still going to be fine.

    Weaver II has an automatic mobile version, pretty shadows and fades, etc. but you just need to decide if you want to do the upgrade or not, it's not compulsory!

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    Thanks for your reply. Do you think I'm likely to encounter any problems if I upgrade to the HTML5 theme, even if I don't use any of the new features it might have?

    I'm wondering about that because there's a bug in the old theme - the blog name is automatically assigned the H1 tag above every post, and it won't let me assign any H tag (of any sort) to the Title of the article itself. This has been fixed in the newer HTML5 theme.

    How big is the risk I'd be taking if I update to the HTML5 version?
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    I prefer simplicity and regular XHTML has stood solid for years and for more years to come I'd think
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    I wouldn't use html5 yet, a lot of people's browsers are not compatible with html5 yet so your site won't work properly for them.
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