How you guys find blogs to comment?

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May I know how you find blogs to comment in? Thanks in advance!
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    Also incorporate the above advice alongside SEO Quake, it is a browser plug-in and you can use it to sort the search results by PR for higher quality backlinks
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    Hi DotComBum,

    I personally use BizSugar to find blogs to comment. It is a online platform for small e-business owners to advertise their articles of Internet Marketing, Business, Technology, Finance and Advertisement.

    Since you are in the Internet Marketing niche, I recommend clicking on their articles and comment on the sites related to your niche.

    Hope that answered your questions
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    Originally Posted by DotComBum View Post

    May I know how you find blogs to comment in? Thanks in advance!
    One of the easiest ways is to start commenting on blogs in your niche that are constantly outranking you. :-) Just make sure your comment is relavent to the topic on which you post. The only place your url should go is in the website url box. Also, use your real name in the specified section rather than your keyword phrase or something like that. I see lots of people doing that, and it just looks spammy.

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    I have a blog and I think many blog owner do the same and me.

    before I accept the comment I take out the url.

    Wan´t to Guest post on clean authority Travel blog and get tweet with your link for Only 5 USD ?

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  • Best thing is to use a software for finding do follow and relevant blogs. fastblogfinder is the name of the software.
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    I use Scrapebox to find blogs. Then I manually comment on them. It's a great tool.
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      Originally Posted by hitman13 View Post

      I use Scrapebox to find blogs. Then I manually comment on them. It's a great tool.
      I also do the same. As it is the most convenient way to me.
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    One of the easiest way to find such blogs is use Google search.Just search for a few terms related to your niche and you'll find hundreds of blogs to leave your comments on.

    For example,if you want to find blogs in "weight loss" niche,search for terms:

    Weight loss

    Lose weight

    lose fat

    rapid weight loss


    weight loss diet

    reduce weight etc

    Then visit each URL and see if it is a blog and if it allows to leave a comment.

    For checking the Page Ranks(PR),you can use any online tool like the one at Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank of any web pages

    If the blog has high PR and is "Do Follow",leave a comment with a link to your site otherwise just move to the next URL and repeat the above mentioned procedure.
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    I usually search for dofollow commenting blogs on Google. The results usually reflect the quality of the link so it's credible.
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    Why do you to find blog to comment on? if you want income link for better PR you should know that google almost don't pay attention to comments on blogs.

    Because there so many auto-commenting tools, blog comments are in most cases identify as a spam from google point of view.

    You can how ever get incoming link from comment or even better if you ask the blog owner to put a link to your website if it relevant to his content.
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      Hey, I get this instant backlink magic software, it works quite well for me, you can search for EDU, GOV backlinks faster and filter out follow or non follow backlinks.

      I got this last year and purchase from WSO.
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    You can use free program called feedreader where you can submit blog rss feeds you're interested in posting comments on. Every time new new post is published this program will notice you so you can be first to post comment.
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      To make life more easier, you may try GSA Search Engine Ranker. It is what i am using to find and leave comment on related blogs.

      It is here on the forum, it comes with free trial.
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    Hmm. I use google blog search. I also had a neat piece of software i think it was called blog sniper, can't remember. You'd just feed it key words and it would update once every 5 mins or so with blogs it found. It only showed blogs. Personally i'm more concerned with building links back to my blog by simply leaving good advice in every post i make be it forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

    I have a very real goal to get 1 million backlinks to my blog all sending real people to my site already liking me because of the comment i left. Google automatically will find good blog posts that i create and plus it is easy to share or like my posts which will result in viral traffic.

    You can also use googles keyword tool to find lots of related 'real' searches that you can use when you do future searches.

    Remember that a person searching for a camera tripod or lens cap or photography book or tutorial are all real people and these people would likely be in the camera ir photography niche, so look for related search phrases too.

    Also once you find content in your niche especially blogs you can usually go visit each commenters site as they are likely to have blogs and more commenters as well. Just bookmark them all ans work your way through them one by one and prune as you go.

    One final technique is to use google alerts but have the results sent as an rss feed. Import the google alert rss feeds into your feed reader and you'll get updates all day long. You can also add the direct feeds of blogs in your niche so you'd have tons of daily blog updates that you can go post comments on

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    Go to Google and type in "Google Alerts" into the search box.

    You can use Google Alerts to send you notifications whenever somebody makes a blog post, news post, or any such related thing (You get to set the parameters, so the results you receive are customized to you).

    So if you wanted to target blogs that are about making money online, then you would use Google Alerts and type in keywords like "how to make money online", "internet marketing", "making money from home", "how to start a business online", and other related keyphrases (Be sure to use the "quotes" when you're setting up your keywords).

    So what happens then is you tell Google to send you the notification to your email account "As it Happens", meaning the moment somebody makes a post that contains your preset keywords, then you'll get an email notification with a link to the blog or website.

    Now, what you're aiming for here is mostly blogs, but that doesn't mean Google will send you results for just the blogs you can comment on. You'll have to look at the website itself to determine if you can comment or not. Please also keep in mind that MOST blogs have their comment backlinks set to "nofollow", so you're going to be doing this more for the sake of generating direct traffic, rather than for gathering link juice.

    Comment on 50 to 100 blogs a day that are related to your search parameters, and it's certain that you'll start seeing traffic.

    I hope that helps you out.

    "The more you give, the more you're gonna get!"
    *Charlie ~ All Dogs Go to Heaven*
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    Drop My Link - Find sites to create backlinks on that is the one i use it is very useful
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    Visit the blog directories and find blogs in your niche. Or do a simple Google search on blogs in your niche. How many blog directories are you trying to hit up everyday?
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    you can use the search engines such as google yahoo or bing to search for credit card processor blogs. and also in google you can directly access your category of interest blogs
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    ScrapeBox huh? I'm so glad someone pointed out this software. Finally I know how all those broken English, mean-nothing, generic comments keep hitting my blogs by the thousands. If I ever used something like that for an actual client site (real companies), I could just see the receiving blogs would hunt down my client with nasty spamograms and that would all come back to me. Now I can track down the IP for other softwares like this and hopefully stop their auto-comments from ever even reaching my blogs and those of my clients.

    Come practice your public speaking skills with us FREE every week! >>

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    find blogs relating to your niche using blog finding software which allows the user know the pr , whether its links are do-follow or no follow and other such parameters which would help in decision making
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    Blog commenting to increase page rank does not work any more. You can use this technique for traffic only.
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    I use Google to search for blogs in my related niche to comment on. I sometimes use Bing also but mostly just use Google.
    My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    Google blog search works for me.
    Free Special Report on Mindset - Level Up with Positive Thinking
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    CommentDemon is a good tool to use to find blogs in a niche to comment on as well. It will track them and let you know if they've been approved or not, it will also let you know PR, do-follow vs no-follow. It's not exactly a "spam" tool, just helps you automate a lot of the leg work finding places to post comments on .
    Need a way to drive traffic to your new site?
    -- Check out!
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    search for em on google blog search

    Visit for nutrition and fitness topics including the safety of tap water consumption, the hormonal response to exercise, and and other health articles.

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      I wouldn't waste your time.

      Write comments on the ones you find interesting.

      Comments for traffic is like shoveling snow with a teaspoon.
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    Search "niche" + blog when searching with Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Example: internet marketing blog, dog food blog, penis enlargement blog
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