10 Wordpress Plugins I Can't Live Without - What's Yours?

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I've been using the Wordpress platform since the earliest day of my Internet Marketing journey.

For me it's simply the best option in terms of cost, ease of use and customization.

In fact, I made my first $ using Wordpress for an Amazon affiliate review site.

I am still using it 'til today and my Wordpress sites are constantly giving me pretty decent daily income.

With that being said, I'd like to share my 10 Wordpress plugins that I simply can't live without.

I install them on all sites religiously and they never fails me and I want to share them with you.

Here they are:

1. All-in-One SEO Pack I generate most of my traffic via SEO and this is the plugin that helps me optimize my site for Search Engines. Simple, straightforward and easy to use.

2. Google XML Sitemap Just install once and it will generate a sitemap for you which is very important for SEO. It will automatically update the sitemap as you generate content. This is a plugin that you install once and you'll never have to fuss again with it.

3. Contact Form 7 Easily generate a contact form for your site. Install, add your email address, copy the code to a page and you're done.

4. Pretty Link Lite Helps you hide the ugly affiliate link and track it as well. The free version works for me and I don't purchase the full version.

5. PubSubHubbub Help you pings to major site to notify that your blog has been updated.

6. Quick Cache Speed up your site's performance by generating a static HTML file for your .php files. Although sound complicated, it really isn't. You just have to install once and let the plugins do the work for you. I used to use the WP Cache Plugin but switched to Quick Cache because it's much more efficient in memory.

7. Google Analytics for Wordpress Integrates your Google analytics and your Wordpress site. You don't have to manually insert codes to page that you want to analyze. Simply follow the simple integration setup there and you're done.

8. Revision Control I usually just use one author per blog and so I have no need to keep track of revision. I turn off revision to save some processing memory on my Wordpress site using this plugin.

9. Twitter Facebook Social Share Social media engagement is very important and this plugin makes it easy to share your site on the popular social media platform. Simply install and it will be inserted on each and every post so when people love your post, they can share it with their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest friends. Oh, and unlike other plugins, it's very light in memory use.

10. AuthorSure The easy way to integrate your Wordpress blog with the new Google+ Author. If you see a site on Google search result with a photo beside it, the author is likely to be using this plugin. A great way to boost up your authority in Google.

All of the above plugins are free. However, I do use some paid plugins as well. Here's the list:

11. WP Twin This is my all time favorite paid WP plugin. I use it to backup and "clone" my Wordpress site. I simply install all plugins, themes, necessary pages (contact, disclaimer, etc.) on every site and then I use this plugin to create a clone and copy it to setup multiple sites. Very easy to use, very quick as well. Absolutely well worth the price.

12. MyReviewPlugin I don't use this on every site, just on my Amazon affiliate review site. What it does is that it generates a star rating system which will make your review site more appealing and professional to your readers. It has other cool features such as product comparison, rankings, etc. Note: it might be quite technically hard to use for beginners but they have a very solid support system.

13. Easy WP SEO This is the plugin I use to check my On Page SEO optimization. I used to use SEOPressor but then switched to this one. My reason being that Google always update their algorithm when it comes to SEO and with SEOPressor you can't play around with how the rankings are scored. You can with Easy WP SEO.

14. WP Subscribers This is my favorite lead generation plugins. It will seamlessly integrate your opt-in box in several different places (pop up box, lightbox, exit popup, under the post, etc.). It also has a very cool social media integration as well.

15. Social Metrics Pro If you want to know how your site is doing in the social media realms, this is the plugin to install. I don't use this on all sites, just on sites that I am heavily promoting with social media because it can be quite heavy in terms of memory use.

With plugins, you want to be careful not to use too many of them since it can slow down your site performance. My rule of thumb is to use no more than 15 plugins on one site.

Hope you enjoy this share and let me know what your favorite Wordpress plugins are!
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