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I want to create a decent review site for a niche whose products im personally interested in. Im going to aim to post at least 50 reviews / guides that are original, imformative and not just ripped off from amazon etc i.e. generally useful to a visitor.

Ill be monetizing via amazon affiliation.

With that out of the way Im wondering how I create the sites layout with regards to my list of viable keywords. The problem is there are two keywords that are equally strong and I dont know which one I should allocate to the homepage.

For example purposes assume Im targeting headphones and I find the following keywords to be viable for hitting the top 10 in google ( yes i know this is an unrealistic example but for simplicity sake)

Headphone recommendations 9000
Earphone recommendations 9000
sony headphones 1100
bluetooth headphones 1100
running earphones 500

Given the above I think the correct way would be to allocate either of the top two to the homepage, lets say [headphone reccommendations]

and have an intro such as "here are some headphone recommedations. We also have lots of (link)earphone recommendations(/link). blah blah"

and then create a subpage for [earphone recommendations]

Under both earphone and headphone reccomendations id have an index of guides such as best headphones under 10$ and individual reviews of headphones and earphones etc each leading to individual pages.

Is this the right way?

Or should I have the home page target "headphones and earphone reviews" and have two subpages tagetting the two keywords i found in my research? The homepage would then have sections displaying the latest reviews and guides for both headphones and earphones. This looks like what most review sites do but the problem is the homepage is essentially targetting a keyword i cant place for.

Perhaps I should split this into two sites. But the topics feel related enogh to warrant combining as a customer may be undecided as to whether they want earphones or headphones.
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    great tempt me you dont need to split them to diffrent site all can work together on same site ..since they are related and the site is a kind of blog linking will not be a problem if you use wordpress theme for setting up ..then search for a plugin that could link your pages to each other and install it can us SEO automatically link relative pages or you install all in one SEO PLUGIN
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Ok so in this case I would keep the keywords together on one site. That seems to make sense in my actual case too. But which keyword should the homepage target?
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