New site, how to promote it?

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Hi everybody,

finally I uploaded and placed od WP template my, I mean, wery interesting text about daily deals ( ).
If someone comes, he spends on the site in average almost 4 mins, if he comes from my other site about daily deals (in czech language) it is about 12 mins in average.

But I have no idea how to attract people to come to see. I know this topic is not anymore so cool as it used to be one or two years ago (when I actually wrote all the text), but I have only about 5 people a day comming. All the text are original, informative, no shit PR..

I only added URL on google and bing

Thanks for all ideas how to help me to catch more readers. It took me a lot of time to write it (only to make almost complete list of daily deal sites all around the world was about two weeks of work).

p.s. I also thought to make it more compex and post it in Clickbank, do you find it as a good idea?
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    I have a new website, but I don't know how to promote it?
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    do a keyword search in google or whatever software your using and see how people are searching for daily deals, i did a quick one in google keywords and see 550, 000 a month are searching for that globally in a broad search and in exact match 90, 500 so may " not be cool " but theres definitely a market you can try to reach

    from a quick look through the keywords, people are searching for daily deals + the city, town or country there in, theres alot more so take a look

    optimize the content on your site to include these keywords, this will help to index better in google and improve your ranking

    other than that, your going to need to generate traffic through backlinking like your czech site, post in other forums about deals with a sig link, make posts in yahoo answers, try out social media, etc .. theres no one answer, your going to need to try out somethings, find one that works and get good at it
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    maybe you can start by commenting at other people blog with the same category
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    For promotion of your website:
    Go for Article Directories,
    Participate in forums,blogs,social networking sites,
    Email marketing,PPC,SEO etc.
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    2 mrhonored: yeah, and what? Everybody is a newbie in the beginning..

    2 others: thanx for advices, I made some changes and comments and so on, so I will keep make small changes and appropriate comments under others blogs and will see what will happen in a week or two..or three
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    Just good readable content has garnered me significant traffic in the few times I have set up my own website. No substitute for good content. A couple of times I've just posted a few self-written technology articles and they've received dozens of trackbacks. Don't know if that's a great barometer, but good content certainly seems to work.
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      And in your eyes, do you see it as a good readable content?

      And it is not my english to devastating to the content? (it was corrected by one american guy but anyway, the core has been writen by myself)

      I thought that it is a good readable content and that's because I'am a bit disappointed to have only about 5 people a day..

      BTW, if you want to learn something about daily deal business in czech republic (do you know where it is? just visit
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    To promote your site go for
    * social networking sites
    *article directories.

    hope this will help you to get sufficent traffic to your site.

    Gud Luck!
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    You need backlinks.. post on forums with a sig, make sure it's dofollow. Google groups can help as well.
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    I think the first thing that you need to a second look at is your content. Check on the relevancy of your content to your niche. If people are not staying that long in each page, that means they do not find what they are looking for on your website. If you can post the link of your site, so we can check on the quality of your content, that'll be great.
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    Focus on 3 things:

    1. Quality of your content = Needs to be interesting enough for people to stick around and read what you have to say.

    2. Backlinking and 3. Forum posting = These two go together. I suggest you go to some high traffic forum and then build your status there (help people, post questions, etc, be helpful). Once you have, you can start with backlinking if the forum permits. Make sure that your posting on forums with the right niches too.

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      I think quality content is a myth, its about how is the package of your content, maybe its about SEO. Google is the most effective way if you want to get targeted traffic, and the only way is trough consistency. Update you site daily, with the right SEO method, and see the magic work.
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        Originally Posted by Zend View Post

        I think quality content is a myth
        Quality content isn't a myth, but a fact. Whoever told you that quality content is a myth might have purchased a wrong dictionary.

        Originally Posted by Zend View Post

        its about how is the package of your content, maybe its about SEO.
        How can you optimize a poorly-written content if you really believe that quality content is a myth? People don't optimize anything that is of poor quality. It goes without saying that it isn't even worthy to spend time optimizing poor content.
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    you can also buy some seo experts help for your site so they start building backlingks for you....
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      Originally Posted by dmeirx View Post

      you can also buy some seo experts help for your site so they start building backlingks for you....
      Well, there's a caveat to that. Challenge the knowledge of these 'SEO experts' first by asking them lots of questions through Skype. If they pause for more than 3 to 5 minutes before they answer your question, it's more likely that they are just Google-ing their answer.
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    You'he already started promotion!

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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    Forum posting is a part of your blog promotion and you already promoting your blog.
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    SEO, maybe reciprocal blog commenting using a tool like CommentLuv,
    Signature links, even graphical signature links, as are available here on WF.
    All are effective traffic building strategies.

    Also, I had a quick look at your blog.

    I suggest you add some appropriate images to the site as well.

    They won't necessarily help get traffic, but they will certainly make your site much more interesting for the readers.
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  • Is this the topic of the day! Traffic everyone want to know how to get traffic to your sites! Well you want paid or free? Paid way you can go to google ppc program and msn, facebook other blogs in your network.Free method blogging everyday, blog commenting, socialposter, forum marketing. You want to become a leader and give people advice!
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    You need this training - it's the best on the planet ! email me at: robbnel at gmail. You can get a series of 3 free videos.


    You plus MAPs equals money, go HERE

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    How do you make money from your site? Adsense, affiliate programs, etc? Test to see if the site can be profitable with a quick PPC test. Go for Adwords first, then see if Microsoft Adcenter can work for you too.
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      you'll need great marketing software for promotion. posting in forums would be helpful too.
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    EZinearticles and sites like that made a huge difference in ranking my articles in google. I'd definitely suggest loading blog posts/articles with lots of images, links, and embedded youtube videos.

    Find some .edu sites that you're able to comment on with a link to your site. Search for your chosen keywords and comment on all of the blogs you can find related to your niche with links back to your site.

    Post useful, meaningful content and do your best to keep it updated at least twice a week until it gets started.

    Those are some pretty basic tips. PM me if you'd like more specific questions answered.
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    Back-Linking is the best method to bring traffic to your blog after the recent Penguin update earlier last year. The more back-links, the more traffic driven to your site!

    Here's a list of Back-Linking strategies that I use personally:

    1. Content Syndication
    2. Blog Commenting
    3. Sponsoring WordPress Themes
    4. Article Directories
    5. SEO
    6. Video Marketing
    7. Forum Marketing
    8. Web 2.0
    9. Ego-Bait
    10. Interviews
    11. Social Networking
    12. Fiverr Gigs
    13. Google PPC

    I strongly recommend using all the strategies listed above with diversification over the long-term. The results might not be instantaneous but your site will be absolutely KILLER. When Google eventually indexes your site, they will give you a higher index when they notice you have a variety of Back-Links from a number of different sources, increasing your Search Engine Traffic as a whole.

    I've written a massive guide on Back-Linking, you might want to check it out for a more detailed; in-depth explanation on the topic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions. ;D
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    No one criteria is ,do SEO by any SEO expert ,
    Then you can use social media to promote the site,
    the last idea is to make it resourceful ,so that it can automatically increase it's promotion.
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    Mass blasting links don't work now. Make sure you rotate your anchors.
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