eBook ready, now what?

by tiny1
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I'm almost completing my eBook and I intend to sell it on clickbank. What do I do from here to market it? I would appreciate any advice, thanks!!
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    Have you ever thought about Amazon? Pretty simple to do. However, I understand the importance of having other people sell your stuff too.

    There is a place in here where you can submit your affiliate information to get some of these guys to help you sell it, but I believe you have to be a paid member first.

    Otherwise, if you want fast results from Clickbank, you may have to end up spending money anyway and get them to put it in their "Featured" affiliate section.
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    Get promoting it on and offline, convert it to a kindle book and sell it there as well?
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    a blog is one of the best platforms for an ebook, selling to a targeted audience
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    n and offline, convert it to a kindle book and sell it there as w
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    Hmm...let me bookmark this thread. I think it would help me someday.
    Good luck with your e-book dude
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    It depend on your niche ,if it's related to IM sell it here in WSO than when you got good feedback list it on clickbank ,the most important thing on this process is to getting affiliates to promote your product.

    Try submitting your site to affiliate directories,submit 2 chapters of your ebook to document sharing sites .

    Spend some money on advertising .

    Pay affiliates as much as you can afford to pay them, and make sure they have all the tools they need make sure your site converts well.
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    You should promote it now through advertisements,Social networking sites,PPC campaigns etc.
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