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Hello guys!!

Where can I find great PLR eBooks?? I mean not some useless plr which cost $5-10 but a great one with $50+ value!!

Thank you,
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    Price isn't always the deciding factor. I've bought some pretty good PLR for $5-$10 and I've bought some pretty crappy stuff for $50+

    A couple of the places I generally trust are PLRMiniMart.com and BestQualityPLR.com. I've also found some pretty good stuff in the WSO section here.

    It will depend on the niche, however. Some niches have less PLR to be found than others.

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    As John mentions you can't really tell from price as people can charge what they want for WHAT they want.

    However have a look around here on the Warrior forum and check out some reviews and you can't go far wrong.
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    It's true, I've also bought expensive craps, and cheap treasure.
    So yeah, you could search it up in the WSO forum, where people
    sell valuable ones!
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    As was already mentioned by others, the price of a PLR product doesn't necessarily reflect it's value.

    The Value of a PLR eBook
    What determines a PLR eBook's value? I'd say the value of an eBook depends on the quality of the PLR eBook.

    Since an eBook is meant to be read, I'd say the quality of content of the eBook is the biggest factor in determining the overall quality of a PLR eBook.

    The quality of content
    So, what determines the quality of content? I think that the quality of content is a combination of how well-written the content is and the level of insight/research of the content

    That being said, one way to ensure that you're buying good quality PLR content is to buy from a PLR content provider that you know sells good quality PLR content.

    How do you know? Well, either you have seen a sample of their content, or you took a chance and bought something from them (i.e. you tested them out) or you have heard a lot of positive feedback and are prepared to take a chance.

    Other factors in determining the value
    The main factor determining the value of the eBook is the quality of content... but there are other things that may increase the value of the PLR eBook. For example, if additional material was offered, or if illustrations or images are included.

    Another factor which I think increases the value of PLR content (in this case PLR eBooks) is if the PLR license doesn't allow PLR to be transferred. This way, the only way for someone to buy the same PLR eBook as you, is if they bought it directly from the PLR content provider.

    The reason why I think this is a good thing, is because less people would be using the same eBook as you... so in a sense, a non transferable PLR license (i.e personal PLR) reduces the competition.

    If you want to take it even further, you could buy PLR content where quantity sold of each PLR eBook is limited, which in my opinion is way better.

    If you buy PLR eBooks where quantity sold is limited, not only is your competition over the eBook restricted... you also know exactly how many others could be using the same PLR eBook as you.

    So, as far as determining the value of a PLR eBook goes, I'd say it all depends the quality of the content, how well the eBook is put together and how many people are using the same PLR eBook as you.

    Work still required...
    On a side note, even if you find a PLR eBook that may be considered high value, that doesn't mean that you won't have to still work on the eBook. PLR content is only a starting point. For example, you may still need to work on the layout and design of a PLR eBook... add more content etc.

    Some PLR Content Providers
    Here are some PLR content providers that sells PLR eBooks/reports where quantity sold is limited:
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