Lost My Job Yesterday, Need Some Help to Start Right Away!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling kind of stuck right now. Well, my story is, About a year ago, I resigned from my 9-5 job (Thanks to economy, the company was having financial issues & it was hard for me to continue with late salary payments). So, I resigned. I'm a graduate with a great academic background. I was always interested in making money online, so after resigning, I started studying the online money making subject & found 2 options:

1). IM
2). Freelancing

Though I knew Internet Marketing was way better than freelancing, but since internet marketing was a lil bit time consuming & I needed quick cash, so I jumped into freelancing. Soon I realized good success in freelancing & I started making some nice money. (You may say I came in freelancing accidentally).

I was very successful during this whole year of freelancing. Everything was going so smooth, until 2 days ago, when one of my major client told me that they are going to discontinue the project, due to some financial reasons.

I felt like I was crashed. It was the worst time for me, after enjoying a whole great year. I', feeling devastated & heart broken, but anyways I've to move on. Now I realized that even if freelancing gets you success & money, but that is only temporary & one day if someone tells you, "Thank You very much for your services". You're still in the Middle of Nowhere.

So, Now I've decided that I've to do Jump into Internet Marketing & Never look back.

I've a very good skill set. I'm excellent learning skills & I'm always open to learning new stuff. I know photoshop (basic to moderate), I know wordpress, I know basic HTML, I know article writing, I can Plan, I know basic SEO & link building, I've great course on SEO & traffic generation. I can understand & work on it. I've bought a couple of domains. I can make basic videos. I can pretty much do anything. These are my skill set & I think I can handle things on my end pretty easily.

I can dedicate about 6-8 Hours a Day, or may be more. I want to go for multiple streams of income.

What you guys suggest, that can start generating me consistent monthly income?

I'm just sick of working for others & now I want to use my skills for myself.

Thanks a lot.
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    First off don't worry man!

    You sound like you have some awesome examples of work - why not continue servicing?

    You can use sites like Elance, Scriptlance to get clients and to start off with you will probably have to do quite a few jobs but then you could strike a long term deal.
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      looks like you have a great skill set, build a site around what you can offer

      in the meantime, use fiverr, elance, etc .. get your name out there
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    Initially, you must go to a freelancing site. Complete your profile there and apply for jobs there. As you can write good quality articles, I would like you to apply in article writing jobs because for a new freelancer it is very tough to get a SEO job whereas getting an article writing job is much easier.
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    Please, keep going out every day and look for a new job.

    Some of us did this stuff for months or years, before we started making a living wage.

    Give yourself 40 hours a week to look for a job, until your online business starts showing financial rewards.

    When your online income finally matches your monthly bills, then you can stop looking for a job or quit the job you currently have!!

    Be responsible about this.

    If I were starting from scratch today, I would buy a bunch of PLR products, load them onto a wordpress website with BUY buttons and a $5-$20 price tag on each product (despite the low price you paid for the content), then promote the hell out of my website.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
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    First foremost I wish the best of luck and remember one thing when one door closes another opens. Opportunities are out there but we need to work hard, and have positive thinking. You will succeed it may just take some time

    My two cents is use different channels and spread out your strategies in finding clients . As you mentioned you have IM knowledge you can start off my offering campaign management tracking and monitoring. You can start with a low price point

    I am on elance and if you show your the quality of your work there you would get some jobs.

    Remember one thing whichever strategies you implement track it to see the effectiveness , have mini goal plan, and most important be persistent .....

    Believe in yourself you can do it.

    If you ever need any business coaching one on one let me know I offer that services as well

    All the best in your new beginning



    Business Coaching Services, Business Performance Improvement, Internet Marketing, Online Brand Reputation - Ask me for a complimentary business gap analysis!

    Your Business Eye

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    If you have enough savings to last say a year, I say take the plunge and go for it full-time, it may just be the best decision of your life.
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    First of all very sorry to hear about your job, i know how it feels to have your income cut off.

    While IM can be a great way to make living, it is not easy and will take alot of time in the beginning especially and a bit of investment. In my experience google is rather unstable at the moment after the recent penguin update and it is harder and more time consuming to rank. But if you have the patience then it is well worth it as you can have an income on auto.

    If you need fast cash then freelance and advertising you services and skill is prob the best route as you could make instant cash.

    Hope this helps
    Good luck
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    They key is do something! The only things I regret are the ones I didn't do. So don't give up and start now! I started with niche sites, and despite going into 20 different direction, niche sites are still the bets for me. Nice passive income. Plus you already have all the basics down.

    If any serious affiliates are looking for a new income stream PM me.

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    Refer to this thread: what to do if you're desperate.
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    Sorry to hear about your job, but hang in there, offering freelance services is not that bad.
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    If you fail to plan, prepare to fail.

    You need to lay down a good, solid strategy and stick to it.

    Also, you need to use your finances carefully. Being out of work, you can't afford to start throwing money at any amazing new product that comes along, limit your outgoings as much as possible.

    Find a good, free strategy to use, and then use your finances carefully to get the ball rolling.

    Work hard, stay focused, and don't give up.

    Hope this helps
    What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.
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    I would start going to the gym more often. That will help you get back on your feet as it will strengthen the emotional part of you.

    I remember reading this: no one client should be responsible for more than 10% of your revenue.... because if the client leaves and they do someday you'll have other clients as a backup.

    Having just one client is like working for one employer with flexible hours.

    As others suggested you need a plan. I would take a sheet of paper and write all possible [ legal ] ways to generate money.
    This could be going to previous employers, clients and asking them to improve their website, or look for jobs within your area etc.

    If you like freelancing then you've got to be super patient and try contacting at least 10 clients a day
    and some of them will respond and some will eventually agree to work with you.

    I'd also ask that client if you could do differently i.e. in case that client wasn't satisfied with your services then you should learn the real reason and fix it so you'll be stronger next time.

    Good Luck,

    Are you using WordPress? Have you tried qSandbox yet?

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      Originally Posted by lordspace View Post

      I remember reading this: no one client should be responsible for more than 10% of your revenue.... because if the client leaves and they do someday you'll have other clients as a backup.
      Thanks, I've learned a lesson now. This will motivate me to get multiple streams of income, rather than just doing one thing for making most of my income.

      I do like freelancing, but freelancing can't ensure you a better future, you don't have control of things, you're depending on someone, they will say you "Good Bye", when they don't need you, & that's what I really don't want.

      Now, I want to invest my time, my skills & abilities into something, that is my OWN.
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    Internet marketing is a very good way to go but it takes time and effort, both of which you seem to have. Good luck and keep plugging away at it and you will soon realize your goals.
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    You are most welcome .I got you PM but as I do not have 50 post I am unanle to respond to you... I am on post 35 today so very few to go....

    You just hang on there and I am sure you will be back on our feet in no time

    Good luck


    Business Coaching Services, Business Performance Improvement, Internet Marketing, Online Brand Reputation - Ask me for a complimentary business gap analysis!

    Your Business Eye

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    i would honestly suggest you to do a freelancing for some months and after that you could get a loan and then get into IM and also be safe with money matters.Since IM is getting tough too as its spreading
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