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Hello. I'm dropping by to introduce myself. I've been browsing the Warrior Forum for a few weeks and purchased War Room membership on one of my first visits, but I have not been very active and I have not yet introduced myself properly.

My name is Jason and I am relatively new to Internet Marketing, depending on your definition. I've been "online" since the early nineties, when I was a high school kid coding really lame websites in Notepad to showcase my brooding poetry and other such monstrosities. Before that I was a frequent visitor to local dial-up BBSes in my early teens.

I've had my own sites online for most of the latter half of my life but they tend to be confined to obscure personal interests and endeavors, with little traffic and no monetization (unless you count the fifty cents I made from Adsense last year.)

I make a few dollars here and there with freelance writing gigs - I had journalism experience dating back to my teens and my college experience was focused on creative writing and English literature - but I've not done any serious IM.

On the day job front, I've been working in marketing related fields ever since the latter days of my college career - from handing out leaflets on the street of my university town to serving as marketing coordinator for a luxury real estate brand in Orange County, California to my present role as a copywriter for a well known tech company.

I know my shit but I don't know how to make money from it!

My long-term goal is to support myself primarily through creative writing pursuits, though I have also toyed with ideas of starting a publishing company and/or advertising-marketing agency.

Most of the IM stuff I see on here is related to affiliate marketing or selling info products, and much of that relegated to the IM market itself, which often strikes me as a very incestous circle in which we are all buying and selling to each other without really tapping into the wider world of marketing accessible through the net.

I don't really know where I'm going with my rant. This is mostly a rambling introduction of sorts but I'm also trying to throw out some insights and ideas related to my own endeavors, none of which are bringing in the revenue I read about on here.

I'm working on a community/blog/resource site targeting relatively obscure niches in which I think there is some but not huge opportunity to make money. For me it is more important that I have a passion for my niche. I also have some other online "assets" as you can see in my sig, but nothing dedicated primarily to making money.

I set up my first squeeze page offering some free e-books I bought with PLR in exchange for joining my mailing list...promoted on a Safelist and Twitter post, but not a single sign up yet. Am I doing something wrong or is my market simply not viable?

Anyway, it is my pleasure to be here and nice to meet you all.
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