Recommend a few great and cheap "Targeted Traffic Buying Site" ???

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Recommend a few great and cheap "Targeted Traffic Buying Site" ???

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    I have used paid traffic a fair bit - here's a breakdown on a few I have used

    1. Solo ads (through solo ad vendors) - around 30 cents or more per click
    2. Adbrite - around $0.09 or more per click for CPC, $0.50 or more for CPM
    3. Adknowledge - highly targeted traffic, have to deposit around $50 before advertising, but its very targeted, - around 20c per click or more
    4. Facebook - Variable, good targeting, around 40c and more for good traffic
    5. Google Adwords - very good, hard to get into and they ban easily if you screw up, slightly more expensive than Facebook
    6. Microsoft adcentre (incorporates Bing and Yahoo) - really good

    I would not recommend buying traffic any other way - for example through fiverr or Advertyze - you will get the clicks, but no sign ups. It will be a waste of your money. Bulk traffic never works, especially if you are planning to build a list.

    Hope this helps :-D
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    One of the best paid traffic providers that I have used is Clicksia. You can buy 1000 ptc credits for $2, and the traffic is good quality...
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