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I here to ask about money related query, I would like to open something up that is going to bring allot of money to me and be good for the everyone, I am not greedy (just in need of money), I have the time and seo skills to advertise it, have enough money for keeping the site up and some advertising just need a idea on what I can do to be earning the money.

Please no rude comments, quite new to the forum!

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    So, like many newbies, basically what you're asking for is a blueprint. It doesn't work that way. You read the forum, do the research, decide what kind of business you want, then learn enough and acquire the tools to make that happen.

    The only real blueprint is inside you. You have to come up with your "idea" for making money. No one can do the work for you, unless of course, you outsource everything, but you still have to come up with an idea before you outsource. Good luck.
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    Ok, thanks just wanted to try think of a idea
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    yeah i agree with sbucciarel. Reasearch what are stable popular niches that ideally still have room for you to brake into (not a silly amount of competition.) Ideally in a topic that you enjoy and don't mind speding time researching and writing about.

    Purchasing some blue prints and researching different mentods is good as it will teach you more about IM and the many approached you can take to make a living online.

    Just be aware that IM is not often easy money and takes time and dedication and patience when waiting to get ranked. While you can make crazy money online try not to get too sucked into peoples 'I make a million online every month' of course read what they have to say but don't jump in head first. Take everything with a pinch of salt and don't spend your savings all at once.

    Hope this helps a little Good luck!
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    Thanks, that helped allot, need the most help I can get
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    Start with something you know the most or like the most.
    Brand yourself as an expert in that industry.
    Research other topics, if you have time.
    Buy educational materials to advance your skills.

    And, be patient, it might take sometimes to build and grow your business.

    Hope it helps, Elena
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    Thanks, im just not sure on what to do it about.
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    IM is not about quick money.. if you need quick money, i suggest you take up some ad hoc jobs that pay u immediately.. IM is a BUSINESS. no short cut and really plain hard work and tracking... but still, do not give up.. just take massive correct actions.
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    I think like any buisness you should always relate it to something you are interested in and you know a lot about rather than making money, at least that way you have the ability to make a success out of it. However, as it goes you may not get the golden ticket or the financial earning you are looking for. Although i think most web marketers would agree that you make money on the web through doing most things its just working on what works, making constent improvement and sticking with it.
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    Thanks, for the help, trying to think of something that would be good to start, everything i like is to general and the competition is to big
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    Quick work always gives quick profit.So keep on reading warrior forum.When I started IM,I felt like you to earn money.After a struggle of 6-7 months,I got succeeded here and found a way which is suitable.Hit me up on skype if you want to know about my success
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    • There are soooo many ways to make money at IM, its ridiculous

      If you know how to SEO already try any of the following:

      Create a WSO and sell your service
      Create a thread on the Warrior Hire Forum
      Teach other people how to SEO (like I do)
      Market your services to small business
      Promote Affiliate Schemes
      Build Marketing Lists

      You can do any or all of these.
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    Thanks, any way else?
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    kvsolga, please don't take my advice offensively. Personally, when I want to start something, I do everything I can. I research as much as I can, I read a lot. What did you notice? It's more about 'me.' Once I've figured out what I can do, which ones I want to do, and how I can do them, I list down all those ideas. If I have a feeling that others may have found something that I missed, that's the time that I ask other people. But when I ask, I make sure that I listed everything that I've found already so they only give me something that I still don't know.

    I hope this helps.
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    Business can mean anything but i think you should start of with online marketing and if you do then as people say, READ THIS FORUM, all the information is here man. No need to buy a wso or some coaching programs as we are all different, and you your self need to find whats best for you. Now when it comes to choosing how to start, go after whats hot ! Many people will say "Stick to what you know, or something that isn't really competitive" NOT ME. I would go with something that is on top, create a websites, put in content which can be found all over the internet, just put it in to your own words and start driving tons and tons of traffic to it. But thats just me
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    Thanks man, its allways hard thinking about what to make the website about, actually creating it wont be a problem.
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      Originally Posted by kvsolga View Post

      Thanks man, its allways hard thinking about what to make the website about, actually creating it wont be a problem.
      Well if you are really struggling to get started then am more than happy to give you some advice, as i know how hard it is to get started. Skype: jakub.pionke
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