Help! Just went to my website and all my content is gone!!!!

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I just went to my website and all of my content is gone! When I go into my backend of wordpress and look at the pages all the content is there nothing has changed in the backend. Only when you view the pages normally there is nothing! my optin and recent comments still show and header and stuff but the words to the pages are gone!
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    FTP into your host and look at your core Wordpress files. See when they were last modified. Could have been hacked. Also check and do a free malware scan.
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      Yeah that's f'ed up. Hopefully it's just a quick glitch that will correct itself.

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    Just called Bluehost and they reset it to the backup its all good now. He said he had a few calls like that today. It happened after I udated some plugins and wordpress. He figures one of the plugins is not compatible! That was pretty scary site has 100 pages!
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    Hmm, are you sure it wasn't hacked? You really should do a malware scan (on your site, not your computer)
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    Good thing you called your host. Normally, the issues you described has less to do with hacking (since the content is still in your backend) but with plugin or theme issues. I've had the same problem occur with a theme update. Remember, WP was built to be modular. If one module is messed up, the rest of your site might suffer.
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    Try to log-in to your wordpress admin if you can, then export the file. Delete the whole site and and reinstall wordpress. Make sure not to use "admin" again as the main login... Or contact your host immediately..

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    Good thing you called Bluehost. Does Wordpress have alot of security flaws?
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    This is EXACTLY why EVERYONE should be performing their own backups of their sites, which is easy to do these days with all the plugins designed for this purpose.

    Don't depend on your host to back up a site - some do, some don't.
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    Had a similar situation a couple of months ago. A couple of my sites were on Bluehost and a few on another ISP. I deactivated all the plugins at both ISPs and the sites came up normally. Turned on the plugins one by one until I found the problem. Seemed that two plugins didn't get along, so wrote the authors - two days later a new update solved the problem.
    Off site backups are a good idea. I usually do an offsite backup once a week and keep at least 2 weeks worth to be on the safe side, but even with the offsite, make sure you prove the backup. If your site is corrupted and you back that up, you will only restore corrupted files.
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    Hopefull you can fix it before the next time Google crawl you. View the source code of the pages, sometimes hackers inject javascripts that cover the content when viewed in a normal browser but it is still in the code. I hope that helps you get to the bottom of this problem.

    Good Luck!
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    Contact you host, they should have a backup of their own on file, might cost extra though.. Did you crate a backup if not make sure you use a backup plug-in next time to restore your site when these things happen.. Edit: Good to hear you are back up and running..

    Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

    Good thing you called Bluehost. Does Wordpress have alot of security flaws?
    Wordpress is pretty solid, but there's still some security measures you need to take.. People often skip out on those and it leaves their site open. It's not a set it and forget it type of deal, if you want real protection you have to work on it. There's a few guides/plug-ins out there that help with this. Most common problem is people using "admin" as the admin username..
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    Make sure your plugins are compatible and do a little research before installing any new ones. This can be as simple as reading some of the reviews on the Word Press plugin page where others share about known issues. I had this happen and it is a real hassle changing the plugin folder, disabling all my plugins and re-installing them one by one. My problem was with the Yoast seo plugin.

    Glad you could work it out.
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