How would you advise the owner of an online classified site?

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I have a friend who's started an online classified site. He's wanting some advice from me about it, but I get the feeling he really doesn't know exactly what he wants. He's an "offline" guy & this is his first venture into the "online world", which is fine...but I know from past experience that it's easy to waste a lot of money in the wrong direction if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

I'd like to help him NOT waste a lot of money & make this site work. However, all my experience is with info product sites. I've never worked on classified sites. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about them so my advice was limited.

I've got to work up some traffic generation & conversion ideas tonight for him. And my brain automatically goes for the "info product" stuff like: offer a free video marketing...PPC...etc. Does this type of stuff work for free classified sites?

Are the concerns/challenges the same for all types of sites? If I think:

Traffic generation: free, paid & borrowed
And then monitization, I on the right path?

Or are free classifieds a totally different animal?


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    If your friend decided upon a classified site, surely he
    has a strategy to generate traffic and ads, right? How
    does he intend to earn revenues?

    I would suggest a press release and help him with that.
    If he's doing a local site, send the release to your local
    newspapers. Otherwise, try PRWeb.
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