where to start affiliate marketing?

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I'm newbie in the IM world. I have an interest in affiliate marketing, but I am confused about where to start and what to do. I need advices from you all.


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    Start here in this Forum. Learn and ask questions as you go
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    Just browse around in Internet Marketing section.. you will find a lot of knowledge if you just open your mind.
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    Just try everything...learning by doing!
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    Originally Posted by bigbalz View Post

    I am confused about where to start and what to do. I need advices from you all.
    If you try to take advice from "all", you'll be even more confused, because you'll be told 100 different things. That doesn't help anyone.

    Taking advice in forums is difficult. Ultimately, it rests on developing the judgment to distinguish between the people who actually know what they're talking about and those who are simply repeating what they've read here/elsewhere, together with their own beliefs. Acquiring this judgment is a skill-set one has to work on, and unfortunately the time when one most needs it tends also to be the time when one doesn't have it.

    If you're interested in affiliate marketing, I offer you one post to start from (and you should ignore the words "ClickBank products" in it - they arose only because of the thread in which it was made, and you should substitute the words "affiliate products" in your own mind, for those words, when you read it! In other words, take it as a general post about affiliate marketing, not just a specific one about ClickBank): http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post6737670

    Good luck!
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    Start learning as much as possible.

    Soak everything up like a sponge, and then apply what you learned to assets you can create like blogs, email lists, your own products down the road etc..

    The more you learn, the more you earn. It is an old irritating saying but it is 100% true.

    Signing up here was a step in the right direction.
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    You must a least know how to set up website. Either a product review website that is used to presell visitors before they click to product sales page or a squeeze page that is used to capture leads for future promotion...

    If you have budget, you can consider paid advertising to drive visitors to your preselling landing page.
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    Hi Ardy,

    Good place to start! Firstly, it depends how much you have to initially invest.

    It might be best to start with a website/blog in an evergreen niche that interests you. Identify your market. Who are they? Where do they hang out online?

    Once you know where they hang out online you can go there and attract their eyeballs.

    For example,

    Are they typing keywords into Google? Look to rank for those keywords

    Are they frequenting forums? Sign up, participate and get traffic from your signature tag.

    Are they asking question on Answer sites? Get involved!

    Are they on Facebook all day? Get a fan page and advertise it!

    Are they Tweeting? You get the idea ;-)

    Or do they visit other sites? Can you advertise there either with Google text ads or a banner ad?

    1) Find a hunry, evergreen niche
    2) Find out where these people frequent
    3) Attract their attention and re-direct them to your site

    If it suits the niche and business model consider adding an opt-in form too!

    Hope that helps?
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      First- find your passion; look up affiliate programs, clickbank, amazon etc
      Second- hang around these forums, learn what people are upto and how...
      Third- take action, don't be afraid to try and buy stuff. yes some will be helpful and others not so much but you are pushing forward. Good luck!
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    Hi Ardy,
    One of the problems with Internet Marketing is that there is so much information out there that you Could spend a huge amount of time searching and reading, and never get anything done, in other words information overload.
    One of the first things I would encourage you to do Is set yourself a timetable, may sound a bit strange, but it will help you to sort out where you are going so you can get online more quickly and more profitable.
    Everybody’s time table will be different, but if you stick with it you will find that the tasks that are involved being in Internet Marketing will get easier.
    Some of the things that I do are daily and I have built a routine and what seems like a marathon of task to start with becomes second nature and takes less time
    Here is a quick example.
    Daily Task
    1. Check emails, only respond to those that need an answer allow say 30 minuets
    2. Read an 1 article on Internet Marketing allow 30 minuets
    3. Write a Blog post allow 30 minuets
    4. Research and post 1 product to a web site allow 1 hour
    5. Work on building a list allow 1 hour
    So you have 3 ½ hours here you can chop and change any of these to suite yourself
    Hope this Helps
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    There's lots of affiliate programs out there - it depends how you want to hit them really.

    I don't like having affilate links in that do not fit my website, which is part of the reason why I created an affiliate plugin myself

    I sell premium WordPress Themes and Plugins direct and through CodeCanyon.

    Looking to grow affiliate partners and learn how best to market my products.

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    Hey Ardy,

    The first thing you need is a product you can promote as an affiliate. You'll get that from Clickbank. Then, you will need a way to promote it based on the market. So if you are promoting a weight loss product, then you should focus on fitness forums with high traffic or look for other online communities or sites you can tap.

    Honestly, once you know how to analyze the market and sell something. It is easy to sell anything.
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    hi ardy...here is the list if you want to be "affiliate marketing"...
    1) You should have Pay Pal Acct
    2) Try to join affiliate at Clickbank, Adsense, Amazon and so on..
    2) Find your Niche and keyword (get it on Google Keyword Tool its Free)
    3) You should have a Hosting and Domain name for your website to promote your niche.
    4) Find your targeted people (Forum, discussion, FB, Tweeter and other social Bookmarking)
    5) Get traffic ( Traffic didn't come to your website at least you promote your niche@website)
    6) And boomm $$$ (but its not easy to get boom ...work hard and smart)
    lastly..if you feel lazy to do that just log on to Fiverr. all you need was there. Buy the gig in just $5usd. But don't get me wrong. I'm not sure yet if they can do the best for your work. Hope that can help you good luck
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    Start by using the search button...

    Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

    If you try to take advice from "all", you'll be even more confused, because you'll be told 100 different things. That doesn't help anyone.
    So true ^^^
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Join a reputable business as an affiliate in a niche you are passionate about. I would suggest that learn something new (one thing) everyday. Taking on too much info all at once will result in frustration and brain overload. You may also consider the services of a good mentor.
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