What kind of IM do you use to make your money?

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I came across this thought earlier as I read through a thread that discussed how people made their money on another forum across the web. I heard literally 100 methods of making money online - some that involved particular niches or were related to other aspects of the market but most were decent money makers.

I have attempted to make some money in the download niche and failed, these days I have moved onto affiliate marketing and clickbank.

Im just wondering what the consensus is on your personal IM money making and what people think is the best most solid format of online income.
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    affiliate marketing is good, but still it's hard for me, maybe just because i'm new to IM

    I heard some people says that if you are still new, just stick on 1 method.
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    i use integration marketing and getting affiliates works so well

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    I personally use affiliate marketing (using website,blog,Youtube,Fb and tweeter)...clickbank is the most easier way to get pocket money i think but we have to be facing a huge competition
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    I sell advertising space (banners) on my site to make money.
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    video marketing is pretty easy to start. you still need a website or at least a squeeze page to convert your traffic.
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    I first started making money via SEO - getting a website to number one (or close) and then making money firstly via google adwords and then secondly by creating a product (ebook) and selling it directly via the website
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    I just wanted to clarify something for the newer people here:

    IM is not a "kind".

    You apply IM to your business model, but IM is not a business model itself.

    The principles of IM, when applied properly, will cause people to take a desired action. It doesn't matter what you apply them to, it matters how you apply them.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Selling high ticket items and memberships. I have found no quicker & simpler way to earn a good income online.
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      I'll think you'll come to find that there is no best.

      There a multitude of methods that work. The extent to which they work depends on the person implementing the method.

      Instead of thinking there is a "best method", you'll come to find that there are methods you enjoy employing and are passionate about and will wake up hungry to do more and other methods that leave you bored and unwilling to take action.

      So the best method is the method that inspires you to continue investing your time and energy into that method. It is that method that will make you the most money.
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    I do mostly video marketing for affiliate stuff. Also ad space to people once you have established some steady traffic.
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    Affiliate marketing when I first started.. but the competition is high and the landscape is ever changing.. we need to be able to catch and reinvent ourselves.. but of cos there is always tried, proven and methods that works.. is a matter of how fast we get the right recipe to achieve the results we want

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