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Just wondering whether promoting your product/s on Clickbank is still effective? Do you really get affiliates to promote your product/s?
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    If you are skilled on SEO and just create an affiliate site and product name keywords worth the time, you can find easily targheted people who want to buy by your links
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    Originally Posted by taffie View Post

    Do you really get affiliates to promote your product/s?
    Not just by listing it at ClickBank, no. That's never really been so, though. (It's true that you might get one or two affiliates just by listing it there, if it catches the eye of people doing particularly thorough Marketplace searches, but that's certainly not something to rely on, or to expect.)

    If you want affiliates, then you have to promote your product to affiliates, convince us that the conversion-rates are reliable and proven, offer us a sales page to which we're willing to send our traffic, and so on.

    ClickBank does the bookkeeping for you, and is a retailer. The sales page will still be on your Wesbite. Don't imagine that ClickBank's going to do the marketing for you - not to customers, and not to affiliates.
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  • Clicktank?

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