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I will be selling a product soon, but I do not have any testimonials. The product is about building muscle and losing body fat.

Is this a challenge that many people have? How would I go about dealing with this because I understand how important they are.

Would telling my story about how I went from skinny to big and ripped (with pictures) help?
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    Look for where people are into that topic such as forums and offer review copies to them in exchange for testimonials.
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    You can Contact of few people in workout forums and ask them to test your product and to give you a review
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    If you could tell your story, show pictures and keep
    how you tell it real - talking about every little thing
    that happened when you were bulking up and you
    don't start of with the same old lame s4it as every
    other sales page

    You will be o.k

    Do your research and think about the traffic
    you will be sending to your page.
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    Review copies are the way to go. What I would do is find some people on YouTube who have a fair amount of subscribers and see if they would be willing to try out your product. Video testimonials have a much stronger power over buyers than just text ones - so you might as well look for people who are dedicated to creating videos already.

    Considering the different body types and such, I think it's important that you get a variety of different people to try out your product.
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    If you have a great body then it will work or you can contact any body builder for promoting your product. A video will do great. People will look at the body of the person who is promoting a body building product.

    You can hire someone for your products promotion.
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