Any body making money off of youtube videos?

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Like exactly how will you earn money from your video?
I've got a video with 10k views and still zero dollars so far.
Do people just click on it in order to earn money or do they have to watch the full advertisement?
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    You have make your videos monetizable with google adsense and you can also promote links in the description.
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    A lot of people are making money with Youtube. Maybe after those Penguin/Panda update where many of the sites were hit, even more people are turning into Youtube. It's one of my best money maker that I like as it quick and profitable.

    It lots depends on how you monetize your videos and what kind of videos you are making. I just make review or product based videos with a link in desc to the product. I don't even any videos longer than 90 sec. I usually get good converions.

    Currently, I make a little over $2000/pm just from Youtube.
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    Originally Posted by deohaivan View Post

    Like exactly how will you earn money from your video?
    I've got a video with 10k views and still zero dollars so far.
    Do people just click on it in order to earn money or do they have to watch the full advertisement?
    Simply link back to your website and make sure you have a tangible, in-demand product(s) on offer, whether it's a mail product or electronic download. Otherwise all the hits in the world won't matter if your end product doesn't cut it.

    YouTube is a veritable goldmine if used correctly in tandem with unusual or highly sought after material or goods. I can get short viral videos achieve 3mill+ views resulting in massive volumes of traffic to my website via links . . and of course the resulting sales.

    You must be doing something at least partly right to achieve 10k views from your video. Now simply build on that.

    I don't know your product or what your video is promoting, but feel free to PM me for some free impartial advice or ideas.
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    You should direct your viewers to your squeeze page, and sell them from there.
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    I make money with YT vids, but not with adsense. I rank my videos and then add a link in my desc to an affiliate link for clickbank or a CPA offer and back to a website with a service on it. Adsense has not been reliable for me personally. There are other video sites that allow you to monetize that work VERY well. Being a publisher for video is extremely profitable if you can get the right amount of traffic.
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    Aren't you lucky I just showed up today! Anyways, my video monetizing through "their program" is worthless.

    It's always better to promote a product or service in an immediate link in the vid description.

    We have many affiliate partners that create videos for us on products, and drive sales and earn commissions on the product videos that drive real traffic and sales...instead of keeping YT the video content king with no kickback.

    If you have any questions, or perhaps even want to sign up, then hit me a PM.
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    What kind of video is it? Send me a pm and maybe you gain 1 view more
    Really, I would like to see your video to come up with an idea.


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    We are still on the process of creating a video to push our service, but youtube videos has been long known to be one of the best channel to promote business, services and products that's a fact already. Try to monitize and optimize the channel to better sell you products.
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    create niche targeted videos
    send them to your squeeze page
    then profit!!!

    (5) No Affiliate Links Allowed - Promote Your Own Domain/s Only. It's either this or we have to cut out sig files altogether which we do not want to do.

    Removed Signature due to Affiliate Links[/COLOR][/B]

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    Promoting free services that boost rankings, SEO and traffic for business in the "how to" section make the most money! I have made about 4,000 in GA earnings in about a 3 month span... It works...

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