creating domain names based on keywords still important?

by csrpj
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I read that Google stopped or will stop giving extra ranking based on domain name. First of all, is this indeed true?! Second, if so, does this necessarily imply that one might as well discard previously given tips to create a domain name to have the keywords in them?
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    No one can give you a 110% concrete answer either way.

    Some people say that EMD's will never be penalised because many business use an EMD for their business name.

    However I personally believe that it is very easy to distinguish between a 'brand' keyword and a keyword like 'product name review' with a few signals. For example if search volume has a solid history before the site was established.

    Matt Cutts has promised Penguin 2.0 will shake up the entire SEO world in a big way. Sounds like EMD's are the target to me.

    I have moved away from using EMD's entirely over the past year and now use phrase match domains.

    For example previously I would have registered '' I would now register ''

    At the time of writing it would be easier to rank the EMD over the Phrase match domain but you have to look 3-5 years into the future and not at what is working right now.

    All of the above is purely my own thought/speculation
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    Where would that leave company's whose EMD website is the company name?
    Would Build A Bear suffer more than Tesco simply because the phrase Build A Bear could apply to other companies whereas Tesco is very specific.
    Guess we will just have to wait and hope it doesn't hurt our own sites
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      I think that as always, Content is King and always will be.

      I certainly hope that misleading domain names that aren't matched by content never succeed.

      Company names as domain names, sure, that's legitimate, but some domain names don't reflect the content, and this is what the search engines are up against.

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    Let's just hope that domain names like 'makemoneyonlinetobuy3yachtsandgetchickstofallinlo' will be severely penalized in the near future, and real content will be victorious.

    But unfortunately some of this stuff might work, and you can get away with it.

    If those keywords are actually related to the whole web site, I highly encourage it. And SEO results are actually better in a low competition niche.

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    At the moment some domain name based keywords still worked but I think in the long run these sites won't succeed if and only if they don't follow the rules which is content rich. If you are setting up a site which domain name is based on your keyword and putting up contents that are not related to your domain name based on keyword, then your site will never make it...
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    Not true at all, works still for me even EMD's. Made a new site on August in 1month is now 4th for main EMD keyword, but that does not work for all EMD's.
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    It all helps in the SEO game.
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    In my opinion, Google can't penalize an EMD as its not fraud. EMDs are doing great at present and in future they may not perform that well but EMDs will always have a large impact on search rankings.
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      What is EMD?? :confused:
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    in my experience with over 150 domains i have always found that using the keyword in the domain has always been beneficial although any extension to the keyword should be at the back and not the front, for example ppiabc is stronger than abcppi.(ppi) being the keyword. I have not seen any evidence that Google is going to change this but never say never.
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    rather than buying domains with full keywords ,register the domain as the part of the targeted keyword it will makes sense and works.
    Keyword : form builder generic domain but hard to remember) (Looks more fancy and memorable ,Spam safe, in build keyword)

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    Unofrtunately we'll never know the true answer.

    I've heard from some SEO's that EMD won't count as much as they used to, but then some SEO's claim they'll be just as useful in some markets.

    I guess testing is the way forward.
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    Do what works currently. At this present time, EMD work, so go with that. No one here can answer your question......unless they work for google.
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