[Making Money With Leads] How Much Would You Charge For This?

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Hello fellow warriors,

I'm thinking about starting a new service.

I would like to provide web designers with easy to convert leads.
The leads would be accompanied with complete contact details. These can be sorted out by Location, Niche and other criteria.

I can find poorly crafted and non-optimized sites, that are easily converted into long term clients.

How much would you pay for this?
Should I charge per lead, should I charge for a bulk package?

I really need your feedback guys.

Thank you,

P.S. These leads can be monetized by marketers and consultants also.
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    Why not offer it on a pay per performance basis? The danger is stale information...
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    I'd definitely be interested in trying something like that out.

    There a million things that could go wrong, I.E. tonnes of others getting involved, and flooded the market with poor, un-qualified leads.. Stale info like mentioned above... Certain individuals finding themselves on a circuit of dozens of individuals trying to sell them very similar products... etc etc.

    However, if this is something that can be pre-qualified, (I.E. People have confirmed they want to learn more about xyz, or speak to someone about xyz) Then happy days. But it has to be something sold on a first-use basis. 30-60 day exclusivity to the first buyer. This will stop the leas from getting bombarded.

    I certainly think this is something you should look into, I'm not entirely sure about how you'd go about it, or what kind of prices you'd charge, but keep me posted.

    All the best.
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    The best way to know how to charge those leads is to compare with what the competition is doing.
    Then you can have a good idea on how you can charge. Bulk could be a good idea.

    Good luck with your new business
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    Ask the client how much is a lead worth to you ! Because every lead is a different price in different niche. If you do this your lead quality has to be real good because you will get top dollar. But will drop you fast if they do not convert. So also check how they plan to convert them ,phone, email , walking, you should get more money for anyone that hits there door.
    Best of luck
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