Decided to get out of Affiliate Marketing - Best way to sell my stuff?

by mmixon
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I have tried Affiliate Marketing for the last 3 years, and still have not made the money I wanted to make, so I have decided to try something else. I have about 200 domain names that are from 3 to 5 years old. Most of the websites that are attached to the domain names need to be updated and most need to be redone completely with a new template as they have been sitting unattended for the last 8 or 9 months. (I have been putting off this decision :-( )

I have outsourcers that can build wp websites for about $10 each. I could rebuild and bundle 2, 3 or 5 websites together and sell as a group on some of the online website auction sites.

My question is would it be more cost effective to sell the domain names alone, or go ahead and build new websites on the domain names and sell them that way.

Most of the domain names are product specific or category specific affiliate domain names that target a specific product, mostly stuff Amazon sells. For example, could be a specific product domain name, or could be a general product category.

Your help and input would be appreciated.

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    Depending on what kind of results your sites bring you can sell them individually as established websites. Domain names go for very low, if these really bring in some organic traffic, it's a pity not to take advantage of that.

    You can also opt for selling website packages, classified by niches and industries.

    Make some good looking offers, and post them in the Warrior Products & Services forum.

    Have a great day,
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    Sound like to me you already have a plan in place. I would do exactly what you just said with them. A website has more perceived value than domain IMO. Take a look at flippa and see what other are doing with their sites that are similar.
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    • I just read your outsources can build a wp theme for $10.

      Id say update the sites and sell for 2-3 times that (at least)

      I'd buy pre created sites for $30-$50 all day long especially if the domain name is a few years old aswell.
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    I've had a little success bundling say one successful site with a couple of non-performers ("with great potential, good domain name" etc.) as a kind of bonus to sweeten the deal. It just seems to help the better sites get sold and gives you a way to cut your losses on the lemons and offload them relatively painlessly (try selling them one-by-one and you'll go crazy) . Just a thought, plenty of other good advice in this thread though from people with more experience than me.

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    Thanks for the replies so far.
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    Theres lots of people having sucess selling sites with just a decent theme, couple pages of content, and NO traffic yet since they are brand new sites. You would have an advantage as your domains are a few years old.

    Shoot me a pm with your niches and I might take some off your hands.
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    If you have some that are earning, bundle them up in packs and sell the packs on Flippa, making sure that each pack has some earners. I've seen quite a few liquidations go like this on Flippa and as long as some of the sites have some earnings, you should be able to sell them.
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    You will definitely make more money if you can sell as a turnkey property with an up-to-date web design or wp theme, a domain name that is not ready to expire and offer optional hosting (they take over the hosting account). For a qucik sale and less money per, bundle them. You will tend to get more total money if you sell them one at a time.
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    Agree with most of the warriors here - bundle it and then sell it for higher perceived and hence higher sale value. But don't sell it anywhere. Sell it to someone doing amazon stuff. Value perceived by them will be much higher than the value perceived by someone who has no interest in amazon.and to reach these guys, you can pm them in different forums or may be reach out to them by finding good amazon aff. sites and reaching out to their owners by doing domain lookup. That little effort should give you huge advantage.

    And it will be much better to ask these buyers first as what they want and then create custom package for them [instead of doing all the hard work first and then finding buyers].
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