Best Audio Format for Info-Product?

by Joe Ox
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I am going to record some audio instructions for my next info-product. I have never done it, so what software would you suggest to use and what is the best format for the file to reduce the number of people that might complain they can't open it?
I should probably ask: what is the most popular audio format used for info-products?

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    Any free voice recorder will do the job. Just get a decent mic or headset.

    As for the audio format, go with mp3... usable anywhere.

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    I think mp3 is the ideal fit for the job. But you should get a good mic or headset. I use the sennheiser pc 131headset and it works pretty good.


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    Audacity is free, open-source audio editing software that works on Macs and PC's. It's not the best by a long shot, but is remarkably capable for a free app.

    Record your audio and export your "masters" as MONO 22K Sample Rate WAV.

    Covert those WAV's into MONO MP3 at 64k.

    You'll end up with good sounding audio at the lowest possible file size.

    If you want "CD" quality for the masters, record to 44.1K Sample Rate MONO WAV.

    Encode those to 128K MONO MP3.

    You'll wind up with bigger source files and bigger deliverable MP3's and for voice, the difference is negligible, but they're forever and who really cares about saving a couple of megabytes on the download these days, anyway?


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    I agree, mp3 is universal, I've never received customer support issues on mp3 file audio infoproducts...nice!

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  • MP3 320kbps, 44.000khz, 16bit, but please invest in a quality microphone.. way too many times I have heard those crappy crackling mics in product videos/audio and on youtube.. that does not come off as professional no matter if the content is good.
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    Use MP3 format - you'll get significantly small file size, and the quality is still pretty good. And use Audacity. WAV format is incredibly large. Don't use WAV.
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