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*Are there any domain experts in the house?*

I have been notified that a dot com - that is similar to a dot net I have - has been dropped and will be available for registration shortly.

When domains that are dropped they are held for a 3 month period after which there is a free for all to re-register. In order to ensure that you get there first you can pay, I think about $100, to get a company to swipe it for you - eg. SwipeNames.com. There are three of these companies who have servers situated physically near the domain registration (Verisign servers) so they can make sure you'll get it.

The fact that I have been contacted by a company to tell me that the dot com is becoming available suggests that they probably want to be paid to get it. But how much? I don't know until I contact them and if I contact them I alert them that I might want it so they could snatch it anyway.

I could:

1) Do nothing and see if you could get it for the basic registration fee
2) Sign up for all of the three companies to swipe it (you don't pay unless you're successful)
3) Contact this other company

What do I do?
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    i'm not an expert in this, but i guess you can't risk doing nothing if it's a premium, what if someone took it before you? so i think you can sign up with one of the companies you mentioned, i wish you good luck
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    This article is a bit old, but it is an excellent article and case study of grabbing an expiring domain

    How to Snatch an Expiring Domain | Mike Industries

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    Thanks, SeoDemon. And thanks for the link, onSubie, there's some good information there. I just want to know if this company are likely to swipe the name if I don't. I can't find out anything about them:

    Names For You Group
    1001 Texas Ave #777
    Houston, TX 77002
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    You should definitely put in your order with the 3 companies, not the company that contacted you. It would be an incredible feat if that company could snatch up the domain before the 3 big boys. I don't trust any unknown company that contacts me about a domain directly and several do all the time because that is part of the business I'm in.
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    SnapNames.com and NameJet.com are your best options.
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