How much money can be made from a list?

by ZSadds
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So how much money can be made from a list with 100 subscribers? Or 1000 subscribers? I kinda understand how you would do it with a solo ad. If anyone can clarify that'd be wonderful. Thanks.
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  • It's dependent on a number of factors such as these: How targeted your list is, how hungry the buyers are for a product in that market, how much the products cost, how well constructed the sales letters are, how the emails are written, and alot more.

    But believe me, a smaller, more targeted list will beat a larger, less targeted and less interested list any day of the week.
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    It all depends, its just leads, so a list of 10 could worth like another list 10,000 . It all comes to your marketing skills. There's no answer for your question truly.
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    Ditto what Nathan said.

    It also depends on what kind of relationship you have built up with your subscribers. The more trust you have with them, the more likely they will buy based on your recommendations.

    A lot of sellers wear out a good, responsive list by bombarding them with sales email after sales email. Not a good way to treat your subscribers, and although they may remain subscribed, your emails will have less impact as time goes on.
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    Depends. Is it a list of buyers? You won't make much money with
    1000 normal subscribers.


    By normal I mean the freebie seekers.
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    I think it's up to you to make your customers stay afloat, relying on the quality of the products you sell and always puts the customer's trust
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    i will be depend on customer wants. if a customer are purchase more a more product.
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    Please refer to this thread: - it's just underneath.

    Have a good read, and you'll find out!
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    depends on quality of a list(freebies or paying customers),niche etc...i would say $ 0.2-2.per contact per month..
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    i have 1k list on aweber and make around $100 per month

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      Originally Posted by peterso View Post

      i have 1k list on aweber and make around $100 per month
      how often do you pester.....cough, i mean contact them?
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    people say that if we can manage the subscribers really well, it's worth of $1 per subscribers. If you have 1k subs you'll make $1k per month if you manage them well.

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    The skies the limit. I started a list in 2006 and have made millions marketing to it.
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    You can never tell how much money can be made from a list as many factors come into play, such as the quality of the list, your ad copy and the conversion on what you are offering/landing page.
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    I agree,
    It really depends on so many factors. Do you already have a list?
    If so, could you tell us how you acquired your sign-ups? If they are from a very, specific, targeted niche, it will be a lot easier to market to them. If you have a large enough list, you can easily make instant sales just by sending out a well phrased, reasonable offer to your subscribers.
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    It is not really about the size of your list but the relationship you have with your list. You can make money from a list of 100 and never make a dime from a list of 1000. Place emphasis on turning your subscribers into fans and the results will please you.
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    Nathan told you all.
    A smaller but targeted list can beat a huge general interest list anytime by a mile.
    If you have a 1000 targeted leads, you can easily make a few hundred bucks a month.
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    What makes a list valuable is the relationship in-which you build it because this determine your open rate and response rate. You have to give them value for what they are looking for . Think about when you get on someones list Try skipping this and your list could have 100,000 on it with 50 opens on a good day. Try to think about when you join someones list and what you are expecting from it and always over deliver and surprise bonuses.
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