Article Writers: GoDaddy Down and Tone of Mashable Article

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Looks like GoDaddy was hacked according to Mashable. And as a result Mashable actually advises its readers "As soon as GoDaddy returns, you might be interested in switching to a new registrar."

That sort of statement really surprised me and is the first time I have seen a site as popular as Mashable get down on a Registrar and host. Mashable even goes on to explain and depict how to switch. And to depict the process to switch seems sort of intentional?

Maybe not, but that was the tone I got from the article. Did anyone else get the same tone?

Jeffery 100% :-)
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    The article should have said "As soon as GoDaddy returns, you might be interested in switching to a new host" because only the websites that were hosted with GoDaddy were affected. Not the sites that were registered with GoDaddy but hosted somewhere else.

    But I don't think that was a cool advice. Such things can happen to any website any day. If Mashable was hacked and went down for a couple of days, how would they feel if somebody told "As soon as Mashable returns, you might be interested in closing your account on that site and go find another site to read."?
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    I stopped doing business with Godaddy, but that was my choice. I don't think it's right for a site with the rep of Mashable to promote moving from Godaddy without a better reason.

    Godaddy says it wasn't hacked. They may be lieing, I don't know, but it could happen to any host. Godaddy is a lousy host but people should move away because they decided they want better hosting... not because Mashable egged them on.

    I was following Mashable on Twitter. I unfollowed them because they were just spewing out low quality content, much like the Huffington Post now does.

    Mashable has moved towards becoming a content farm that just puts out crap that they think will get a lot of views rather than really quality articles.
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    I don't blame Mashable. Something is being covered up here, whether there was an actual attack or an internal screw up. I can tell you this though, GoDaddy claims that the problem was an internal routing problem with corrupt routing tables. Now, throughout the entire day, everything was accessible via IP, not DNS. If routing tables were corrupt, you would not be able to access things via IP.

    You could go on to say, well maybe all of their routing is clustered.....which is a major FAIL in itself because it's a single point of failure. GD is either lying to cover up a security breach or they are admitting they have incompetent admins.

    Some places are reporting DNS went down, some say it was a routing problem. Given their track record of lies & spammy/shady advertising, why wouldn't they attempt to cover something up? Of course the big GD wouldn't admit to a security breach, that would hurt their so called "reputation".

    "IF", and I say that lightly, it was an actual error on their end, they have basically just shown every customer they have that they have no redundancy in either routing or DNS & their admins are that incompetent. An admin also said it was a BGP issue however, BGPlay says otherwise as there didn't appear to be any abnormal activity. All DNS records were changed back to DOMAINCONTROL.COM during this outage, which IS NOT a routing issue.
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      I happened to change nameserver just at the wrong time...!
      I have been waiting something like one week for my redirected domain name to appear on the results and no sign so far...
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    It's freakin crazy that GoDaddy went down! ... I guess no one is 100% bullet proof though.
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