JVZoo affiliate sales outside of WSO's

by peterj
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Just wondering, does JVZoo produce any significant affiliate sales outside of WSO's and IM products generally?


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    It depends on how popular your product is or how well you do on promoting it before launch.

    In my experience WSO's integrated with Warriorplus sell a lot better, and attract more affiliates.

    I have used both. Try out JVZoo it is free to submit a product and see how well it does.

    Then go from there.
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      You can sell anything you want through JV Zoo.

      The success would depend upon your individual marketing / affiliate recruitment rather than the platform.

      Of course, if you had a JV Zoo buy button on a sales page that had a high volume of targeted traffic it could do just as well as any other platform I'm sure... After all, it is still collecting payments through Paypal.
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      • In my experience WSO is much better than jvzoo.
        I `ve first put my product in jvzoo , because it is free - about 2 weeks no sales , no affiliate requests.
        Put my product as WSO 3 hours ago - 10 sales so far , 6 affiliates..,

        Just have a look at amount of traffic this forum has.
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    I have heard about JVZoo but not sure how it works but the design and things awesome and cool. Also the Compare made me make up my mind to do anything with JVZoo.
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    I haven't heard of vendor's using JVZOO too much outside of WSO's to be honest, but that's not to say others haven't and made decent money though this.

    I would strongly suspect that selling WSO's through JVZOO would be the better way to go in terms of attracting affiliates like the above poster found from his personal experience.

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      There are probably a couple thousand vendors who have products outside of WF on JVZoo that have sold a bunch of units. 10 of the top 20 selling products on the entire network are on self hosted pages, so there's some people doing quite well there outside of WF.

      Do your affiliate and JV recruitment right and it doesn't matter if you are selling on WF or not.
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      • Well, I`m not putting down jvzoo ,just sayin WF is much better just because of amount of traffic - targeted traffic .
        If you don`t have your own list (it`s my case) it matters a lot.
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    Of course it does.

    I use it for all of my products now. It all depends on the quality of your product. I have many affiliates marketing products on my blog pages and my memberships - all through JVZoo.
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    Originally Posted by peterj View Post


    Just wondering, does JVZoo produce any significant affiliate sales outside of WSO's and IM products generally?


    Don't know about that, but I'd be very careful who you approve as an affiliate. I made the mistake of approving some I didn't know (of course I don't know most of them on JVZoo), and got 5 out of 8 fraudulent sales, resulting in Paypal chargebacks.

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    OK, Thanks Guys n Gals for the insights.

    I could see that JVZoo has been gaining ground in the WF against WSO PRO just wasn't sure how well it was performing outside of this arena.

    Thanks again

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    anyone know if such a plugin or wso that i can generate affiliate links to add to one of my sites?

    like to generate 10 wso a day and auto post them to my site,to make some sales...

    thanks for your advice.
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