Questions about selling on facebook?

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How does selling on facebook (as a business) stand up against selling on ebay or your own website. I have a fair knowledge of website selling and ebay, but i really don't know much about facebook selling with regard to how effective it is. Are facebook stores/shops a newer way of selling compared to ebay and is it something that is growing, steady or not really going anywhere?

Thanks if you have any info.

p.s. This is in relation to selling tangible items such as toys, household products etc.
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    Facebook + Amazon affiliate products is a super combination. Believe me!
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    Hey Byron, I have tried these ways as well, and have found that Facebook marketing is simply to expensive for its level of return. The best PPC network to advertise on is Yahoo Search Marketing, I only pay around 4 cents per click by using a special technique I invented, in which the keyword I bid on are "Misspelled" versions of the keyword, so there is zero competition, and I pay almost nothing, and get 100% of the traffic for people who make a typo while searching my keyword.
    Although I do prefer to advertise non-tangible products, I did once have a store with eBay, and also advertised amazon affiliate products, and made a reasonable living by advertising my products through YouTube videos. The traffic the videos generate once the video gets enough views is endless, you will have a constant stream of sales. I now make $450 a day by selling ClickBank products, and I also use video advertising. I have written an eBook on exactly how to do this, the link is in my signature if you are interested, it is free for all Warriors

    I wish you the very best of luck with your online marketing success!
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    Facebook to be used as a form of Free traffic by using free content bait to achieve "like" will drive free traffic your way.
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