Mods how do we forward a PM to you?

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Ridiculous PM in my inbox. Must be spam sent to everyone. I don't have any offers I need reviews posted on but this seems like a mass PM sent to many people to try to get freebies. Here it is...

In need of a review?


I'm contacting you, because I noticed that you haven't gotten any nibbles or review/post on your offer yet.

I don't know if you need someone to write a review for you or if you have already handed out review copies and they just haven't come in yet. I'm interested in your product, but not without seeing some reviews. Therefore, I would assume that I am not the only one who feels that way.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not hounding you for a review copy, I'm just trying to help, as it takes activity on a thread to get attention.

Wish you well on your WSO.

(name removed for rule #1)
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