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I've just attempted to renew a couple of domain names with one of the smaller registrars in the UK. Should be no problem, just go through the normal process and pay with my card. However this particular registrar has obviously signed up for the ultra, ever so secure... ClickSafe system with **** Bank plc. First impressions were that this was a pain to register again with my Bank for a new password etc for my card but OK they were looking after my interests.

After several attempts to register, I get the 'unable to confirm details etc....' 'please ring this number...'

So... I ring the number and get the usual 'press 1 for... (you know the joke)'

I hung up, and am now going to transfer all my UK domains from this registrar to Namecheap, although it will cost me twice as much to renew my UK names. Am I just having a bad day or does this 'remote' customer service attitude get to you to?

I'm not sure who I'm p***d off with, the registrar or my Bank. I think it's the Bank, but the registrar has lost out.

The system is obviously so secure that only the fraudsters can get through!
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