How to Use Video for Making a Living Online?

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What is the best way to use video?

OK, I'm not really a great speaker so I don't want to be making videos of me talking.

I have a couple of video recorders and I have the software and basic skills. I would like to use video to help me get more traffic and customers to my websites.

I made a few videos in the past and put them on Youtube and just had a title at the start of the video that was a link to my website.

The problem is I think a lot of people just view the video on Youtube but never bother to visit my website. I also put the videos on my website and facebook.

I would like to hear of some ideas to improve video marketing?
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    I think what some people do is make videos in their niche, and they become popular over time which brings traffic to their site and brings them sales.

    If you don't feel confident with public speaking, that's very normal, but it is something that can be learned. You can practice by making videos and just watching them until you pick up good skills like making sure the mic is picking up your voice well, and keep practicing till you feel confident enough to put a video on youtube.

    Then just upload videos regularly and give them good SEO (applying a proper title and tags) and over time you should build up a following which should help drive qualified traffic to your site.
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    Why dont you hire some fiverrs to do some voice overs for you? I personally don't think just posting videos on Youtube will bring you a ton of traffic, unless you are doing some really good work to get a lot of viewers. But it depends on what the video content is.

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    Online video marketing is the answer. You won't get traffic to your site in an instance or as soon as you upload the video. It takes time.
    Let's build your web presence together.
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    thanls for the feedback so far.
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    The same principles apply. You have to have good content.

    I think it's easier to get ranked higher with video. For the time being at least.

    Also try similar alternatives, like online slides.
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    yeah. good content.. make them rank... post good reviews that is more casual than marketing.
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      I recently reviewed an excellent WSO on video production. It really goes into great detail on the 'nuts and bolts' of creating marketing videos. What to do and more important, what not to do.
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    Covered some of the things you need to do with your videos here

    The main thing is that all traffic generated for FREE take time to build up momentum. You have to be consistently uploading valuable content to your channel, which in turn will bring you more views, subscriber & more traffic to your site.

    In terms of conversion 3 things to ensure each time you upload to YouTube:
    1: Make sure you watermark your link at the bottom of your videos
    That way when you get shares and people embed your video in other places the uncounted viewers have an option to find their way back to your site.

    2: Make sure you place your link as the first thing anyone sees.
    This ensures it's not hidden below the fold in the description box. Also it allows the viewer to easily gain access to your site and lastly over time a backlink from a PR7 website adds to your site getting ranked higher.

    3: At the end of your video encourage your viewers to click the link below or visit your site. By simply asking them to will increase your conversions.


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    Well you first need to get traffic to the videos. Without any impressions of them, you can logically get no traffic to your website.

    So figure that out first - You need to make the video rank well on Youtube and Google and even the other search engines, if that is possible.

    Then what you need to do is provide value with the videos, be entertaining or even controversial - I don't mean blind controversy, but it can spark up a good conversation in the comments below the video, which helps the video rank better.

    You should never "force" your visitors to click the link below the video - Because folks in general are getting more and more accustomed to us, marketers, and they have become a lot more aware of us and are no longer as responsive to fake "testimonials" as they used to. I'm not saying I ever used fake testimonials, but many marketers do that.

    So focus on providing high-quality information, spreading fun or controversy and providing value and this even increases your chances of the video going viral.

    When it is getting the impressions that it needs, you can just mention in the video that below it there's a link that they can click that will take them to your website and expand the positive experience. For example, you can put half of a story to the video and finish it on your own site. This strategy can increase click-throughs dramatically.
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    Thanks everyone, especially Trevor & Manie for those great resources...
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    Big call to action with a graphic pointing to your link
    or you can get a youtube cta to appear for free that links to your site.

    re not being on camera ..

    other than screencapture and using other people to voiceover filmed footage
    you could interview people, experts etc and put in text to replace your questions
    you could do vox pops (stop people in street and ask a set of questions on a theme - often funny)
    you could find local talent, spouse, friend even a kid to be the face of your videos depending on the topic
    hire someone like an actor 'between jobs' and record a bunch of short videos in a day - try for talent in any country
    you could use fiverr

    Overall think of it as info-tainment on youtube to make a mark, so try and find a style that jumps off the screen.
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    Some people can upload a video and do no marketing and get 1,000's of views. Depends on the niche. If you want to get a good camcorder from Walmart and record yourself - showing people how to do something... it would be a good idea.
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