I'm Amazed!!

by Martin Luxton 6 replies
2.21 pm PMed Steven Wagenheim asking if he'd mind sending me a bio.

2.23 pm Steven replied and agreed to me sending questions.

2.46 pm Steven's 2nd reply. There were a lot of questions. It would
"take some time".

3.31 pm Received an email will all the questions answered. A total of
1,168 words.

3.32 pm Received a PM asking if I had received the email.

The whole process took one hour and eleven minutes!

I just have to get that good.


P.S. I want to change my guess in the 10,000 posts competition. Sometime tomorrow definitely looks possible
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    That's the thing about Steven! His philosophy in life is to never say in 10 words what you can say in 437! You just have to admire a guy that likes to type that much! OR... maybe he doesn't even type... maybe he uses Dragon Naturally Speaking! Hmmmmm...

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      I think Steven is even faster than Dragon Naturally Speaking. He's definitely a number one contender for a cloning project.

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        Steve's a standup guy, if he says he'll do something then he'll do it, he's very quick to respond, courteous and professional.

        He doesn't powder coat anything, he'll tell you exactly how it is and that's the way it should be.

        So if anybody ever wants Steve to review a project of yours, you better have something real good, unless you want the real truth.

        Frank Bruno
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      Considering Steven's post about Microsoft Word recently, I can't see him using DNS!

      You have to respect the Guy! I've read every post of his since i joined.

      To paraphrase a colleague of mine, Steven's journey has been real and it's been fun...but it hasn't been real fun!

      I personally would buy a copy of SW's bio (as long as it was cheap) ...

      But seriously, I want to be like Steven when I grow up, although I think I'm older then him, LOL


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      Originally Posted by Chris W. Sutton View Post


      His philosophy in life is to never say in 10 words what you can say in 437!
      ROFL Need to be careful about eating while online. I could start laughing while swallowing and choke to death lol.

      siggy taking a break...

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