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When posting new articles to my site, is it better to have the full article displayed? Or do a page break and have a [click to read more] link?
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    i would put the [click to read more] link. i think it makes things a little neater and people dont have to scroll through full articles just to find one that wasn't recently posted.

    im all for the page break.
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      Depends how many articles you intend to ultimately have, how many pages make up your website, the length of the articles, categorisation, and more . . .

      The neater and easier to view layout is obviously article preview/click to read more (link), but without seeing your site I can't comment further.
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    I typically place the Headline and a portion of the article on the site with a "Read More" button/link. This gives you space to highlight other articles on the same page.
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    I'd go for the page break option too.

    You quickly get readers to make a decision and then to your site. In other words, if they land on your site, they're interested.
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      Originally Posted by CyberSEO View Post

      Use [click to read more] link to decrease the bounce rate and increase the time your visitors spend on your site.
      Cool thanks, i never thought about this when in comes to bounce rate.
      But then i think [click to read more] of course.
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    If you have a long article then it would be best to use [Click to Read More] to split it up in most cases.

    People tend to have quite a shot attention span online and splitting things up in this way can help to increase user engagement, which will improve SE rankings.

    If your article is not on your site this can be a very effective tactic to only give them some of the article and then get them to click through to get the rest.
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    There are full scale businesses built on the [click to read more] button.

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    It appears the general consensus is the [click to read more] option.

    I appreciate your all's input!
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    Unless you have a page that lists all the articles that you wrote, this is the only time you want to do it. You want to create an "articles page" and earn one should have its title and being able to click on it.

    That is what I have done.
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