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Hi guys,
I came to this forum for some advice. I'm new to all of this and I just need a little direction from anyone who has/had success in doing this type of business. My first post too on WF!! !! Yay!!

Where should I first look into starting a IM business? Meaning, is there anything I should do first? Read a certain book, watch a certain video, or something that gives me a direction into starting a IM business?

I'm real new so please don't laugh. lol. We all started somewhere in life and I feel lost at the moment.

My story: I lost my job back in December and I'm looking into different ways to make a living off the internet. I worked in a factory for 18 years is something I know, internet/computers I don't know. Having no experience in computers is kinda scary and doing this type of business is over my head at the moment. Having my personal website for selling a product/service is what I was thinking about and with the help of this forum - maybe I can do this!!

Personally I don't know how you make money creating links to this or that, or second tier this with that? Understand what I am saying? I have no clue where to start for information.

Do you actually sell something and deliver a product to the customer? Is it ebooks or information only type of stuff? Do you get paid commission on referring people to a product? I don't get it?

So people on WF I need your help. I am pleading for you to help me and point me somewhere. I would love to try this business. I hear its hard work and if it wasn't it would be a scam in my book. The only thing I got is time. I'm not asking for a secret formula I'm just asking for direction on common terms and where to get started.

Thanks so much,

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    You should find what you would like and want to sale. I advice you to make your own product or service(much better money), create a site (good content) and generate traffic to your site.
    If you want to try affiliate marketing, you should go to "click bank" one of the biggest place for affiliate.
    affiliation is that you bring traffic to some other webistes who are selling stuff and earn commission. there few ways to get pay if you sell the product, if drive the traffic to the site PPC ( Cost per click) if you drive the traffic to the site and get the visitor to make an action like filling a form .
    good luck in the internet marketing
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    Originally Posted by SoupNation View Post

    I would love to try this business. I hear its hard work and if it wasn't it would be a scam in my book.
    Well, don't "try" - either "do" or "do not".

    It's not actually hard at all, but it is important that you don't think of IM as a business - it's not. It's just a set of tools to use ON a business.

    There's a reason businesses have marketing departments that are separate from their product creation, service offering and sales departments.

    Marketing is not a business, so work out what your business is BEFORE you try and start marketing.

    nothing to see here.

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      What Andyhenry has said is quite correct. Though I must admit I have often been guilty of saying that IM is a business like any other, whether online or offline.

      Both the questions and answers you need are all here on the forum, you only need to look for them. That is pretty much how I got started.

      As for deciding on what your business is going to be, look to you own knowledge, experience and skills. Did you work in a biscuit factory? So make biscuits and use IM to sell them.

      Please do not expect success overnight. While it has happened, it is extremely rare for such a thing to occur. You are going to have to market the hell out of your abilities and skills and probably for quite a long time before everything finally falls into place.

      I wish you the very best of good luck and determination to succeed.
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    Welcome, Soup! Reading all you can on this forum is a good place to start. Don't take everything you read as gospel, of course, but after a while you'll get a feel for who's worth listening to and what makes sense.
    Free ebook: Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs
    Affiliate marketing for brand spankin' newbies
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    Great!! Thank you guys so much! I knew I would get someone to say "do" the business and not "try" the business. Bad words on my part. Totally understandable.

    Creating a product/service first then finding ways to market the product/service is the way to go from my understanding of what some posters said here. I guess that is the rule of business anyway. But internet marketing seems different to me since its not about direct mail or tv/radio commercials. With the internet, ther eis so many possibilities to market and that is where it gets confusing.

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. I do have a business that I'm thinking of starting soon and I just want to get caught up with what everyone is having success with.

    Thanks again,
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    Hi SoupNation!

    Welcome to the forum! It can be overwhelming to determine where to begin but start with some of the top rated posts on here to help you pinpoint what approach you want to take to make money online:

    Top Rated Main Forum Posts

    Many methods do take time to start earning for you so if cash flow is paramount, look into the offline marketing board as well as researching how to sell services on WF as well as other sites, including outsourcing sites.

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    Sorry to hear about your job… but on the other hand it may be a great opportunity for you!

    First I would identify what you’re passionate about & go from there. Give away a free report that solves problems for people. This will help to build up your customer base. There are several ways you could set up a free blog where people can go to download your free report (in exchange for their email address of course).

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

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      Thanks for all the pointers guys I do appreciate the kind words that everyone has offered!!

      Now I gotta stop procratinating and start doing!!
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    Never been do that but it is true that there is some people earn money using those things,as an seo i also use to earn money online,now a days for me internet marketing is a really great way for everyone and you to make money.
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    I suggest you to overview all kind of im job e.g. SEO, PPC, list building and choose what you like to do or you can start with something you like e.g. if you like to write so you can start with writing article.
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    Hey Soup,
    If I can give you some sound advise...it's this..!
    Don't get caught up in all the hype.!!
    Like you when I began...I believed most of the BS out there...
    but nothing worked.
    If you take anything from this...it's this...BUILD YOUR LIST !!!
    Don't bother with anything else out there.
    Hope this helps.

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    You are welcome. Since you are here, I can take that you are want to know how internet marketing works.

    So here is IM in very brief:
    1. First offer any product or service (Your own or hire someone to create). Got a site on your products.

    2. Get traffic to your site either paid or free traffic with SEO ( A deep section).

    3. Make profit and repeat.

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    Welcome to warrior forum. Dont worry you can start doing IM. Its a great way to earn money online.
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    @ Soupnation

    You've had various ideas and comments already, and it's basically impossible here to show you all the options. There is, however, a real danger for everybody who starts with delving into "how to do IM": the research into things can become a massive time and money suck. Be careful, and aware of this.

    Now, if your goal is to simply "make cash" and replace your j.o.b. etc, then for some it doesn't matter so much how they do it. As long as it brings in money to live an independent kind of lifestyle.

    But perhaps you want to offer something you know lots about. Do you have a special thing you want to market, or skill, or message etc. Is there a lucrative marketing for it (very essential!)? Or do you want to simply do affiliate marketing and promote other peoples products, be it through Amazon (physical products) or Clickbank/WF etc for information digital products etc...

    Spend some time deciding first...but again, be careful about this time and money hoover that IM can become...

    Good luck
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