Combine list building with blogging and free traffic.

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Hello warriors, i want to start a new site in the IM Niche and i know i must build a list but i have ran into some problems.

The site will use mainly free SEO traffic and Video Traffic as other free traffic methods. That being said, all the backlinks will go to the main site/articles.
I know i can use optin popups and on page optins but they don't have as much success as a nicely done, 1 form squeeze page.

And the thing is, i have to double my efforts to drive traffic to my site AND to my squeeze page trying not to duplicate any content, which is troublesome. I can't rank for a squeeze page and i want all the backlinks from video marketing to go to my main site.

How to properly combine these two?

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    You need a good popup/optin plugin that allows you to add some sick popups to your website.

    Pippity and Popup Domination are great choices. Also Optin Skin is good too.

    The other alternative is that you can direct traffic from your blog to your squeeze page, nothing wrong with that.

    OR, take it to a more advanced level and content lock your best content like videos and best blog post so that they have to optin to finish reading/watching the rest of it.
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    Yes i know about PopUp Domination and plugin's like that. However, the content locking idea is pretty good.
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    All i do and this works great for me is i brand my IM blog and have my squeeze page linked to my blog

    i also market my squeeze page on its own in other areas but having it linked to my blog works very well

    rather than just think traffic traffic traffic, make sure you have a system set up in the background (this is your business)

    it`s no good you getting lots of traffic if you cant monetize or convert that traffic into paying customers somehow

    traffic is the easy part

    constantly create plenty of free quality content, brand yourself and the traffic will build

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    If you want to try another method to drive traffic from your blog to a squeeze page, or to direct visitors to your opt-in - you can try "meteor slides" plugin for wordpress. It's free and you can play around with it to your liking.

    If you want to take a look at how I have set it up, just click on one of the links in my sig to see how it works. It's super easy to set up and can make a real difference in getting visitors to take a specific action step.
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    Market your squeeze page with all the FREE marketing effort you can get. Then drive your list to your blog. This is the most effective way to build your list & build your blog traffic.

    Keep it simple and keep it direct.


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    Thanks for your answers. Amari that is a nice idea, thanks.

    Paul what do you mean by brand yourself? Having a general blog name instead of a niche domain?
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      Your List will definitely be your main Asset, A good squeeze page with a less is more approach is definitely the way I would go! I would also try putting a video on your opt-in page as people seem to subscribe more in my Experience, this is probably because they would rather sit back and watch a video than read all the text hype.

      Good Luck,

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    The key is to get as many different steams of traffic. Here's 50: Critique of 50 top ways to drive traffic to your site | free website traffic

    Then you need to do A / B testing with your squeeze page to see which traffic stream does best on which squeeze page. Maybe do source specific squeeze pages?
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