Filezilla- cannot find server. Request time out

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My question is what I asked in the title? Can anyone help me out why this is coming? Even though I followed exactly said here
Hey buddy, I don't know if you've found the solution for your problem. If not, I'm having the same troubles today and here's how I finally got the thing to work:

1 - open FileZilla's "Site Manager" (upper left corner of the window).

2 - click " New Site".

3 - in the " Host" field, type your site's URL without the "h t t p" and the "w w w" parts, and also without adding "f t p." at the beginning. I was doing that (following directions from some thread I found online) and that was preventing the thing to work.

So if your site is "h t t p : / / w w w . greatestgolfswing . c o m" just put there "greatestgolfswing . c o m". (I put some extra spaces above on purpose, because WF was not accepting "links" in my reply)

4 - Port: leave blank. FileZilla will get it automatically for you.

5 - Server Type: "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"" (that's what I needed; didn't test it with the other types)

6 - Login Type: I tested it with both "Normal" and "Ask For Password" modes, and it worked.

7 - User: Put the username you use to log in to your HostGator (or your host, if different) account (CPanel).

8 - Password: Put the password you use to log in to your HostGator (or your host, if different) account (CPanel).

9 - Click OK at the bottom.

10 - Open the Site Manager again and click " Connect" at the bottom.

It should work flawlessly. It did for me, and I hope it will for you too.

Take care.

But still error
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    Your best bet is to ask your webhost for the FTP server information. Your host may require the port to be entered, for example.

    Then enter the info into Filezilla. Make sure you aren't choosing to login anonymously since most hosts don't allow that.

    Make sure you spell the domain correctly. Double check your user name and passsword.

    Good luck.

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  • same thing happened to me please let me know if you get it fixed


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    You can actually download a 'configuration' file from Hostgator, which you then just import into FileZilla and that should work.
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