Selling notes/flashcards for certification - just sell PDFs?

by WSPcpa
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I'm creating a review course "supplement" with outline, detailed notes, flashcards and comprehensive problems. It will likely be PDF form, but I will have some aspects in excel files.

My question is how can I contain the PDFs that I sell to the users so they aren't distributed to their classmates or put onto filesharing sites for all to DL for free. Anyone have suggestions or should I just accept that it may happen and be happy I have sales in the first place.

My second is in regards to the copyright issues. While I am paraphrasing and condensing material from several books, at what point would there be an issue? In the fine print of one of the textbooks it says "any reproduction, including note taking is consider copyright infringement." I'm not 100% certain they can really claim everything in the books as theirs - considering this material is standardized across the industry and is part of a standardized test. I know this isn't a legal forum, but does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Okay I've done a little bit of my own research and I've found scribd and google books offer programs where you can sell on their sites. This, I believe, would create some security for the files.

    Scribd takes a 20% cut - does anyone know if google books takes a cut? I couldnt find this information from google.
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    You can add some lock on the documents as Stompernet does with "The Net Effect", I now they use Acrobat to verify not just the username and password of the document but also restricts the access to 2 users (computers)
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    Thanks I'll have to look into that. That is pretty much what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone have a comment on the review notes / copyrights?
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