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Hello, A friend of mine I met at a networking event told me about this forum. I am new here, hope to make some new friends.

- Keith
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    Welcome to the forum. We are here to help you. If you have a question just come here and do it. Hang out in the forum every othe day, read, post, learn and have fun.
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    welcome, you will make some new friends besides learning alot of things.
    enjoy your time here
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      I heard there are lots of other entrepreneurs in this forum.
      I've never participated in a forum before but was told that
      this forum was definately worth any time spent here.

      - Keith
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        Welcome to the warrior forum Keith!

        Who ever referred you, is a very wise person, and now you are too. LOL

        Frank Bruno
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          Hi Keith,

          That's one good friend. This is the best forum you could've found.



          nothing to see here.

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          I have a question... I have an identity theft protection site that is ranked #9 out of the 11 top identity theft protection sites out there but lack initial funding for marketing, T.V. spots, etc...

          Does anyone have any ideas?
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