What do you send to your BUYERS list?

by Donimo
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I've managed to create a list of about 20 buyers ($5 product). But what should I send to them? I don't want to send them crap offers or stuff they won't want, as I want to keep a relationship going.

What has worked best for you when sending emails to a buyer list? And what do you suggest doing t get even more value out of the buyers?
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    Hi Domino

    I would keep a mixture of educational emails and promotional emails going out to my list. Maybe two or three educational emails, then send a promotional email.

    There is no exact science to it, but you probably should create more educational emails, and mix in an promotional offer every now and then.

    If you have trouble coming up with educational ideas, you may want to look for some autoresponder plr for inspiration.

    Hope this helps,
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    Send content links that UPSELL what you want to sell. My philosophy is "Send them email that adds VALUE to their daily lives." Win Win situations always win out at the end.
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    Yes- you'd want to offer them value and create relationship first, such as educational information, and/or tools that helps their life easier.

    For your information, you could have a read here:

    Hope it helped.
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    Give, give, give, and give some more. Be entertaining and informative. Since this list consists of buyers, they deserve a little something extra. Try a few good emails with free and very useful content, then send then a recommendation for a $10-17 product. follow up that with reviews and testimonials. don't send more than 2 emails a week in my xp. remember that they got lives too.

    Your own products work best, but if there is a product that you use (plugin, book, or whatev) and like, then refer them to it. (those things usually have affilkaite programs) keep it real with your list and remember that people are seeing your emails...smart people.

    treat them like robots or idiots and you'll end up with a 5% open rate and a 0% CTR.
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    If they buy from me, I continue sending them 'extra' training videos or tips via email that actually complement their initial purchase.

    It helps build a relationship, as they have already purchased, but you continue sending them HELPFUL training and they start to trust you more. *Key word being helpful.

    As long as you give them value, they will stay loyal. Since they are buyers of product X I know what they are into.

    I.e. they purchase a make money product focusing on video marketing. I then send them related offers, in that niche - and that niche only.

    Occasionally if a really big product comes out, that lives up to the hype I will market that to them, as long as it's still semi targeted. So instead of video marketing, as long as it has something to do with making money, if it fits in to the previous criteria I will send it to them.

    You tend to treat 'paid' subscribers 'better' than normal leads, since they have purchased from you. This itself shows a lof of trust on their part which you shouldn't take for granted.
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    One thing you always want to keep in mind is you do not want to condition your list to not buy from you.

    So, while it is important to build a relationship and give value to your list, you also want them to buy more products from you.

    So, what I've learned is if you can intertwine education with a soft sell you'll start to see more and more profits.

    However, with a list of just 20 buyers do not expect anything miraculous. Especially a list of people that only bought a five dollar product.

    So for example, if you are in the Internet marketing niche, you could create a free series on how to set up a squeeze page with optimized press.

    You are obviously educating them, but you also have a chance to throw in that soft pitch.
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    Hey Don,
    To be honest I would wait for your list to grow before sending out a promotional offer, you probably won't get a conversion with 20 people. Wait untill you have a few hundred before you start. Remember, you want your relationship with your subscribers to be pristine, you want to only send them, quality, and relevant offers. Don't send them random offers to try and get a quick buck, you will lose their trust. I advise you to take precaution with the frequency of email also. Mix it up with useful, relevant information, and slowly but surely, your list should grow by its own accord.
    I wish you all the best with your online income success!
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    You have to figure out what they bought in the 1st place and give them related offers. But, the best method you can use is to ASK them, what they like, what they want, what they need
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    congrat for your list. you should send them a newsletter related to a niche you sell the product. and add some affiliate links . Do not just sell and sell, they will get annoyed and wont open anymore your email or just unsuscribed.
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    I send out helpful emails related to the next product that i am selling. I stretch my email distance to about every 4-5 days.
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    When I said, send them useful information, make sure there's always something there for you. Just give them enough to get them excited for the next email or curious enough to click the upsell links. The key is to get them going on a funnel.
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    Sell more of your own if you can. If you don't then you can
    always promote affiliate products of good quality.
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