Getting Links in the IM Universe is a bit of a Conumdrum...

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There are so many posts and tools available that tell you how to get 'links' about your website by posting comments to blogs, but in the IM market most of the people that have a product similar to yours either have comments disabled or else they are going to screen your comments and toss them out.

There is some good free stuff offered by warriors that will find blogs with a 'follow' tag, and you can always find tons of stuff by searching your niche, but if you're a competitor, getting the link is going to be hard.

On my little site where I debunk the 'water for gas' phenomenon and try to explain why it might actually work if you took a realistic view of it, I get bunches of people that comment and just basically say "visit my (hyperlink)". I'm not going to approve that comment!

One guy yesterday says "What do you think about xyzsite .com?"

So I went and looked and it sucked worse than my site, so I gave him the link and then shot it down. If it had been good, I would have given him a good review, but he was just hoping for linkbait. At least I hope so, because if he really thought that sight that wasn't his was worth anyone's consideration....

Anyone that tries to tell you that getting free links as an IM'er is jacking you!

Someone tell me I'm wrong, but I went through the top 100 results on google for a search term and of the few that allowed a comment I might have got one link. And I was careful to not be arguing with their posts...

Can someone shed some light on this?

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