What are the most important steps to take after launching a new website?

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Immediately after building a new website, what are the best (free) steps to take to spread the word and get the attention of search engines?

Second, what are the best search engine submission tools and is it a good idea to use them?
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    My best results come from making a good youtube video with good content, and a blogger related site linking to the video.
    Youtube increases juice when they see you doing that.

    Then start with Social sites and post interesting content linking to the video and your money site

    Good luck

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    I would said all social media site there are free (facebook, ytbe, twitter,pinterest....)

    backlinks by commenting on blogs related to your niche.

    If you do that , that will pay off really quickly.

    Hope that helps.
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    Use Google Webmaster tools to manually crawl your site and submit a sitemap.

    That's normally a good start.

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  • Pennyroll,

    The time frame for a new site with a new domain ranking in SERP’s will vary based on the competitiveness of your target keywords as well as the SEO tactics used to get it to rank well.

    For a new site, tasks such as creating a sitemap and submitting it along with your new domain to the major search engines, placing appropriate keywords in your site architecture and developing fresh and interesting content will all help a site rank sooner and rank well. Of course these are just examples and there are many more SEO tasks that should be performed on a new site to help it rank.

    The competitiveness of your target keywords are also a factor in how long it will take the site to rank high in SERP’s. For instance the market for insurance keywords is fiercely competitive whereas the market for antique bicycles is probably not that competitive. If your target keyword is moderately competitive, it may take as long as 4-6 months for a new site to rank high in SERP’s. If your words are not that competitive, it may take less time.

    Traffic Travis software is a good resource for helping you determine the competitiveness of the keywords you are using.

    Free SEO Software | The Best PPC & SEO Management Tool -Traffic Travis

    Also, here is a good article from SEOBook on length of time it can take for websites to rank.

    How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google? How Many Hours do I Have to Work Each Day? | SEO Book.com

    I hope this helps you!

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    In tend to follow blogs in my market via google reader...I run them through compete or doubleclick to make sure their audience is the same as the one I want to attract. I make sure they are engaged...(comments, social spread etc.) then I just leave really awesome comments that get their fans talking about my comments too. This alone is responsible for about 900 uniques a week for me.

    Sounds ridiculous until people start to recognize you in the comments give it a try and see for yourself

    Accelerated business growth demystified. Get in the game here

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    Run some quick PPC or solo ads to see if your niche is responsive. If it isn't, then you need to change niches.
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      When starting a new site, you need to "start small to grow big".. What I mean by that is to NOT go after the most competitive keywords from the word go because you will fail.

      Start with 25 or so long tail keywords related to all the main topics you would like to be ranking for eventually. Optimise some content for those long tail keywords and make sure that it is good and valuable content for your visitors. Mix it up with some videos, diagrams, etc.. You should then..

      1. Open a webmaster tools and analytics account for this new site and submit an XML sitemap to webmaster tools.
      2. Submit the site's RSS feed to various blog directories.
      3. Use a social bookmarking service like socialadr to get some bookmarks to your posts.
      4. Look for niche related blogs and make some well informed comments on their posts including a backlink to your posts. The more PR these posts have the better!
      5. Look for niche related blogs or article directories that you could send articles to in exchange for some backlinks.
      These simple steps should be enough to get the ball rolling and bring your fledgling site a trickle of traffic and income. Over the following weeks choose progressively more competitive keywords. Eventually, your small site will grow and so will your traffic and income.
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        Try and build good, solid links from other good ranking sites by offering reciprocal links. Obviously you don't want competing sites, but sites that are complimentary to your niche are ideal.

        Approach Webmasters/site owners politely and request reciprocal links.

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    If you want free ways try free traffic exchange
    or maybe add your link to directories, use your
    face book page to link to your site, a few blog posts
    no need to over board, suggesest a few a week to build
    up back links. hope that helps.
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    Try out some good SEO techniques on the website. They really help a lot in bringing the website in the eye of people.
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    What i do is that

    1) On site SEO
    2) Posting unique content and creating pages
    3) submission of sitemap to Google and other search engines
    4) Social Bookmaring
    5) creating fan pages on Facebook
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    Create social buzz. Forget massive linkbuilding, use social networks to get the search engines seeing a lot of mentions of your site. Buy followers and ask for re-tweets (if you can buy real ones of course).
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    After your money site is up:

    1) Create Videos and give valuable information.. Record your screen or record yourself and have that video link back to your money site.

    2) Write 500 - 1000 words blog post each day and post it on your blog/website. After that content has been indexed by google submit them to ezinearticles.

    3) Use TribePro - Witness the Power of the Tribe - main

    4) Write PR and submit them to press-release sites. Once every 2 weeks.

    5) Be active on blog that are related to you. Write valuable blog comments on those blog and hopefully build a relationship with the blog owner... ask the blog owner if you could do.....

    6) Guest posting <-- works like magic

    7) Social Media.. Share your videos, new blog posts to your facebook fanpage, twitter etc

    Hope this help,
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    Social media! Tweet about your site. Start a Facebook page and post interesting content. Comment on other pages to link back to your site. Spread the word by being social!
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    Simple but effective.
    1. Create a Facebook Page
    2. Keep it Updated with fresh content(update 2-3 times a day)
    3. Go look for popular pages with a big fanbase.
    4. Comment & Like on a regular basis(use Facebook as your Page)

    Note: Make sure your Facebook updates also updates your Twitter account(and more if possible)

    Hope that helps
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  • Here is my ten cents, mate.
    1. Set up Social Accounts
    2. Join Forums in you niche
    3. Set up a blog for it
    4. Submit to directories
    5. Submit to article sites

    Don't for get to set up all you Google tweaks. e.g(analytic e.c.t)

    Also for a quick kick start, facebook ads & google adwords.

    A good one to use on the cheap for your site, is paid stumbles, from stumble upon.
    You can get $0.05 stumble so for $20.00 you can send 400 visitors. ( for $0.10 they can be targeted)
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    Do ON page seo properly and then start Off page seo. make a daily strategy for all activities.
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    Hire a hot female from Fiverr to make a video testimonial talking about your website then watch the views come in.

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