Annoying Blank Page Staring At You When You Blogging! Try This Secret Trick!

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Everyone has been there. I have several blogs, and I have 50k members on one of these blogs.

Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of bed, you kick your toe on a sharp corner and then when it comes time to blog about something, you just are not in the mood and do not have any creative ideas running around in the noggin' upstairs. I am sure you know what I mean.

Anyway.....I have found a fun, easy way to get the creative juices flowing if you are struggling and just looking into space trying to think of something to write to wow your readers. I mean you not only want to give you readers great stuff, you want them to keep coming back to your blog again and again, and get them all excited about what you are selling on it is your job to write great content....always remember that.

So here are the steps I take when I am struggling to think about what to write?

First go over to

What you need to do to help get the CREATIVE juices flowing is you need to type in your keyword say like "Keyword/s + niche" e.g. "How to teach your parrot to talk" or something like that, then hit seach. You will get some good results, but here is the secret sauce.....

First, you need to go to the side and hit blogs only in the advanced search, and then go even further down and search for posts in the last 24 hours.

If you are in a good niche, this is a killer way to ....

1) Find out what popular things, events, info your niche is talking about at right now.

2) Find highly ranked blogs, and find the things they are posting about. Get ideas for articles, content, bonus giveaways. Even info for your advanced high quality coaching.

3) Post a blog comment in these high traffic blogs and Get people coming to your blog, for extra traffic. Remember not to spam and SEO the link for a powerful effect and extra link juice.

And there you have it. A quick easy way to find killer content and will help you stop starring at the annoying blank white screen when you are posting to your blog each day.

Hope it helps.

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    Nice share,

    I will add to write your article you need to divide your article into more than 4 paragraph and add each paragraph. because when you stucture your thinking you help your mind to foccus and work very easly
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    Thanks for the tip.
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      Originally Posted by entrepreneurjay View Post

      Good tips I have used this method before it is a big timsaver to get your creative juices flowing again.
      no...not only that.

      Ok it is a bit complex, but if you delve deeper, and do some real keyword research & strategy with can....

      1) get low volume buyer keywords to write about with your SEO efforts

      2) you can outsource your writing to test and see what brings in more optins and sales.

      3) save even more time because you can just sit back and watch what works and what doesnt. Then just keep doing more of what works. That is what I do.

      Seriously I left something out...sorry to say I do not blog much any more I hire real people and even warriors right here, who know what they are doing to write my content. Yes!, ok, you have to pay them, but if you find someone who knows what they are doing (and this does not take too much effort) you can seriously get some good results....and fast. .

      at the momement with my outsources I spend about $100 and get back about $500..... so how many times would you keep giving about that $100 initially is my question to you.

      I can probably call myself a good blogger, but not an EXCELLENT blogger, who can create the high quality content..... I get my outsourcers to do that, and that gives me time to spend on my business, not IN my business if you know what I mean. .

      What would you rather be....a GENERAL in the ARMY....or a SOLDIER in the TRENCHES Doing all the dirty work. i have been a soldier before, and I can tell you I gave up that gig years ago. Better to be the general....and delegate .

      Once you learn how to do this properly the world is as your feet. That is the understatement of the year, but it is super super powerful.
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        To add to your already good advice -

        Another thing you can do to get some ideas is to visit your applicable niche forums. Like for me it's bjj and wrestling. So I go to one of the most popular forums, which I had already belonged to anyway, and check to see what the hottest topics or most active threads are. Sometimes they are indicated with a flame because it's so HOT. Ha ha.

        I then grab a few of the topics, head over to the google keyword tool and then write a short post, using the best kw I found for that session.
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    Good advice - thanks for sharing. It might also help to use a feed reader to subscribe to popular blogs in your market or niche and check it each day. You'll still get a bunch of ideas and as long as your remember to check your feed reader, you'll be set.
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