How to set up downloads and autoresponders?

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I'm trying to create a page on my wordpress site so users can choose to download the first chapters of my ebook for free, or pay to download the full ebook.

I want people who get the free ebook to be able at a later stage pay for the full ebook.

Both sets of people will be added to a list and will get autoresponders. The autoresponders to each group will be almost the same; but probably an additional few words in the autoresponders to free-downloaders, about the full pay-for book.

When initial-free-downloaders pay for the full ebook, I want them to continue in the sequence of autoresponders - where they were before - I don't want it to rewind so they're getting info they already got.

And I need it all to be simple for users.

Considering how many people have autoresponders and give ebooks and sell ebooks, I can't believe how difficult this is to set up. Maybe I'm missing something.

I have a wordpress site.

MailChimp allows me to have groups in one list - so I can send out different autoresponders to different groups - I think this would mean that when initial-free-downloaders get the pay-for ebook, they could continue in the sequence of autoresponders without rewinding. mailchimp also have a pay-as-you-go option which would be good getting started, because i'll only have a few subscribers to begin with. So I'm thinking of using mailchimp.

The pay-for ebook (a pdf) would obviously need to be at a place where it can only be got if a fee has been paid.

I'm assuming I can't just host it on my wordpress site, for that reason. But maybe I'm wrong there...?

mailchimp partner with digioh - I think I could host it there, but that's another subscription fee. I'd prefer not to have another subscription fee if possible.

I'm surprised that mailchimp or other bulk email companies don't enable download of files in their own systems. it seems like an integral part of their business.

So where should I host the pdf?

Also, for this whole process ive described i want to do - do you have any pointers on how to implement it? either single items i should be doing, or a whole step-by-step. I can use different services or processes to those ive described, if there's a better way to do what i want to do.

i'm going round in circles. very frustrated. appreciate help on this
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    Set up the salespage for the full report on JVZoo so that you can keep it secure and get affiliates on board.

    On the download page of the free report put a massive banner or text showing that the full report is available, and the same goes for the final page of the PDF as this is where your most targeted traffic will come from.

    Also I would move away from mailchimp, they don't really like people using affiliate links, and it's much more complicated to use than aweber / getresponse which integrate better with JVZoo which will be your buyers list.
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    you may host the pdf file using the pdf in the public folder and copy the file public link.
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    If you want to save costs, you can host the PDF on your WordPress site.

    Try the Paid Downloads plugin (free) to protect the downloads.
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    Best bet would bet to host on your site.
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    Use membership software (like s2member or Wishlist). Even if it isn't technically a 'membership' site. It is very easy to manage content levels, protections, etc... and if you ever want to offer some sort of membership/subscription in the future, you would already have the back-end in place.
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    I installed Paid Downloads (wordpress plugin) - with a pay-for pdf, I think i can collect email addresses with this - through paypal.

    For a free download (which i need to have), it just creates a link to download - but i need to collect email addresses from people who downloaded free, too.

    is there a plugin that will enable me to do that?


    and can i collect email addresses for pay-for and free downloads if i use dropbox?


    what's the usual way to enable downloads from your own wordpress site - pay-for and free - and to collect email addresses?

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    For listbuilding you need to have an aweber or similar service. They provide you with the code to put onto your site and then manage all the follow-up / broadcast messages you want to send.

    Aweber give you a plugin that works with wordpress, but this limits you to the designs that you create within the aweber editor. I also think that getresponse have a plugin, but never tried using that.

    If you really know nothing about this, the best advice would be to outsource to someone who can help you set it all up.
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    so the uploading of my ebooks (the paid version and the free version) -- and the appropriate access to those ebooks (when someone's paid for the pay-for version, and joined the list for the free version) -- can i manage that all between aweber, the wordpress plugin from aweber, and paypal?

    and if yes, what are the things i should look up on the aweber site to read and learn about those things? - eg. if the plugin deals with uploads and users' access to files, what's the name of the plugin, so I can look it up - etc... ?
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    You have posted in the wrong forum. This forum is where "Where We Talk About Making Money"

    You should have posted in this forum:
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    Jeffery 100% :-)
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