Do 3-4% Open Rates Really Make You Satisfied?

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While I've built lists and still do, I haven't dabbled into solo ads very much... yet. And I plan to as soon as I get some loose ends dealt with on other projects.

I've come up with a couple ideas on where to get my solo ads from... non-traditional sources, I suppose. (Will update you later on regarding how they work out.) Some sources, to me, simply seem overused nowadays.

But my question is: Those going down the solo ad path now and building their lists (perhaps through ad swaps as well), does a 3-4% open rate really make you happy?

I mean, I'd feel like that traffic is just not worth it. Getting 100 people opted in to only get 3 of them to open any emails you send out?

It seems inorganic too. I find myself opening most emails that land in my inbox, though I may only glance it at for 1/2 of a second. It'd be one thing if 3-4% of the list was clicking through in your email, but sheesh, 3-4% opening the email period? Hm.


PS: And yes, I know, if the solo ad pays for itself, more power to you. This discussion is more focused on the open rates than the ability to recoup the solo ad's cost.
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    Have a look through the MailChimp Stats where they summarised the open rates, click rates etc of hundreds of millions of emails in various industries.
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    Those are some pretty decent open rates. I'm relatively happy with an open rate in the range of 20%. Any screenshot I've ever seen around here though (such as when people are showing their list size when promoting their solo ad service, etc.) has shown open rates of 5% or less.
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    No, and that is why I took my business in the direction of Mobile Marketing. The open rates for that really do beat out email and other types of promotions. Really people are too busy to read long emails but if your little text message captivates them they will look at additional info. Might be a consideration.
    Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    The list quality has a lot to do with that. My open lists are 10 to 23% I use fresh lists.
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      Originally Posted by icoachu View Post

      The list quality has a lot to do with that. My open lists are 10 to 23% I use fresh lists.
      That is exactly right, and that I think is why my Mobile Lists convert so well. Since it is all permission based those people are pretty much already interested if you do it right, in EXACTLY what you are offering them.

      If your rates are low your probably throwing 5 different things at them without adding value in the first place, you gotta add that value.
      Victoria Gates - Digital Marketing Specialist

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    At the beginning Yes. It made me happy. But now, NO. Not at all. Definitely getting greedy day by day.

    Talking about swaps, I'm very soon getting away from this BS. It's easy to build list with it. But not buyers list. And if your list doesn't buy, what's the use of it? It took me time to figure out but finally I did that sending out a "Make $$$ With a Push Button" type freebie rubbish every day literally exhaust your subscribers and eventually they don't believe you at all. Even if they click a lot, they just download the freebie and store it in their HDD.

    I found one good way. At least it's working now. Whatever I want to tell them, I post it as a friendly blog post in my blog. The post off course contains outstanding and true info. In the subject line I mention "[Blog Post] The Topic". It's working well. It takes a little time to arrange the whole thing, but is working. Try it.

    For building list, just avoid lists of freebies. Even the 3 to 4% clicks you are getting are mostly useless.

    No offence please. These are just my Personal and Practical opinions.

    -M. Bari
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    How much do you think your actual offer changes your open rates? Your initial freebie offer, that is? Certainly if the person opting in is giving an email address they never use there's not much you can do about that.
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