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Hi Warriors,

I'm launching a Sixpack Abs product soon. I don't have a list yet but I do get traffic from my free YouTube videos, so I've decided to set up an evergreen launch funnel that looks like this:

Opt In -> Free Video #1 -> Free Video #2 -> Free Video #3 -> Sales Vid

To any warriors with actual experience doing these perpetual launches - do you have any tips or cautions to making this effective?

My main concern is pissing off my customers if and when they find out that the launch is evergreen rather than a one-off event, and I want to keep everything absolutely transparent.

In other words, how do you properly manage expectations with a perpetual launch ?

Thanks for your words of wisdom!
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    As long as you do not position the launch as a one-off event you will be fine.

    The evergreen launch is simply a sales funnel. If you want to use urgency with the price, there are plenty of plugins that will help you do that in an ethical manner using cookies and things of that nature.
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  • Maybe you can follow the traditional approach but talk about it like it's a relaunch instead of a regular product launch.

    Maybe that won't get you into trouble if someone found out that it'd been launched before (or rather, repeatedly).
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    Let's start with a Yogi-ism: 'It's only a launch when it's a launch."

    I assume videos #1-3 are more or less permanent, so you only need to talk about "product launch" in that final sales video. Then, after the "launch," it's trivial to replace that one video - adjusting your offer to match the dynamics of the market, seasons, etc.
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    vtotheyouknow - This is an ancient thread but what did you end up doing with this site? Did you use Optimizepress 1 or Filsaimes EBS for the perpetual launch? Lastly, is the perpetual launch still working for this site?
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