Why you really need to plan for the big picture

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I don't post on here alot- I'm not your average internet marketer. In fact as an internet marketer, I pretty much stink

I love social networking ( to the point that people who know me call me a social networking whore) and I do work for quite a few well known IMers.

However I use IM techniques ALL the time in my business or to help me build my profile.

I wanted to talk to you about a huge lesson I've just learnt. I recently released a book, and it's had a HUGE response. It's on dating, and it's captured alot of attention. I've been interviewed by national newspapers, magazines, on radio and on national television programmes. (I'm happy to show clips and links but I don't want this to be a self promo thing rather than, it's an explanation of what I did wrong.)

I am now being called an expert in my field and am currently appearing weekly on an awesome breakfast tv show as an expert.

However to be honest, all I thought about was how this sells my book. What I SHOULD have done was plan for this success by having MORE than that book in mind. I'm now working backwards, trying to run and sort it during a time that really I am working almost fulltime building something that doesn't have an end goal.

morla of the story? create the big plan right from the start. prepare for your big success before it happens. it's not worth the mad panic otherwise!
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    Hi Rachel,

    That's a great post you just made.

    It's wonderful what you've done with your book and all.

    I think you sharing your experience will hammer home the importance of planning for those who need to hear it.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I saw and appreciated you and your post.

    Take it easy,
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      Yes it is always good to plan ahead of the game. Try to think of all the possible outcomes and be prepared for whatever you think might happen.

      For example if your book did not do as well as it did then what would you do next. etc etc.

      I am now working on my business plan so that I can be repaired for my endeavors.

      Thanks for the post.
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        Amazing..do you plan to package the book into a pdf and list it for sale as well? Might do very well for you

        Hasta la WinVista, Baby!

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          Originally Posted by hidman View Post

          Amazing..do you plan to package the book into a pdf and list it for sale as well? Might do very well for you
          I published my book with Penguin and they have electronic rights..and its a way off.
          it's a shame as it's on internet dating- so it would have a good audience with internet users (hopefully)
          however I live in hope it will one day be avail electronically.

          If you can afford to, please give money to support the people in the Christchurch Earthquake.
          Here is a post to give you information on how to, no matter where you are in the world
          New Zealand thanks you

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            There's another way to look at this as well. Before you wrote the book you had no idea at how successful it would become so IMHO if you've developed other products around the book you might have been wasting your time.

            Hindsight is 20/20. Now that your book is a success and you are an expert in the field you should develop a range of products and services.

            p.s. will Penguin renegotiate the electronic rights?

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    thank you for sharing that!

    you might want to keep a timeline of how each portion evolved... and the people that you mena aong the way... and start working on a sequel!
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