Olympics Gone - Back To Avg. 6 Sales A Day! Hot Diggity!

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well I did see a post here about the Olympics keeping people away from their computer and not buying things.

I am in several niches and full time and make a good clean living from it.

I was experiencing hardly any sales during this time and I was panicking a bit but thats when I remembered about the Olympics and then I came here and saw a post about it.

But now thank god the olympics is over I am back to averaging about 6 sales a day.

Infact the first two days after closing ceremonies I was averaging Like 10 sales a day. Cool.

Just goes to show you about your business and world wide events do affect eachother.


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    Of course world events does affect business. Our sales were nearly zero in the week following 911

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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      Me too. My Adsense earnings is back to normal again and my sales are picking up.
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        I keep see more and more sales everyday and am making the most of it.

        by :-

        1) Making my adwords and ppc campains better

        2) adding more and more articles (quality articles)

        3) adding blog comments to the people who are commenting on similar blogs.

        4) etc etc etc
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          I don't hang a LOT of weight on the Alexa ranking system but I definitely noticed a dip in our ranking during the Olympics. The ranking is back up again and even higher than before now.

          Sales are also up and overall system activity has increased.

          I was joking with my kids tonight about, "Well... now that the Olympics are over, what are we gonna do at night? Oh, yeah.. SLEEP!".

          Brian Rooney
          TrafficWave.net Email Marketing AutoResponders
          Email Marketing Blog

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            This would explain what's been going on with some of my other sites.
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              Hey, same situation here. I thought it was the US economic slowdown. Sales crash on the 2nd week of the Olympics. Now it is back with a vengence!

              Cheers but still looking forward to London 2012!
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                what US slowdown...

                The economy is fine, at least that is what the govt keeps tellin us, and they are always right :-P

                the US aint seen nothing yet unfortunately...but there was millionaires made in the last 'Great Depression...WHY?

                why....Simple....."Supply Vs Demand!!" and having a strong market to begin with.

                Now while not all businesses were affect during the olympics its always key to note how this will affect sales of all your stuff out in cyberspace, and for you to come up with plans to try and help sales along through the sluggishness.
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