Your opinion, smart or just plain stupid and why? Thanks

by gasman
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Had an idea, I'm sure for some reason it wouldn't work, but just thought I would ask opinions.

Buy cheap domains, crap domains but ones that are already getting between 200-300 traffic a month. Even if it's just something stupid like Buy a ton of these domains. For example, 100 then put a redirect on each of them. Send them to a simple email submit for like an Ipad. 100 domains with an average of 250 traffic is 25,000 hits a month. Even with pretty junky traffic I can usually get this type of email or zip offer to convert 2-3%. Say it's a $2.50 offer. 25,000 x 2% = 500 x $2.50 = $1,250 take that and subtract about $100 for what the domains will on average cost me in that month. $1,150 profit. Scale the crap out of it.

Now I know this won't work, and I'm missing something, but give me your opinions. Thanks
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    It's thos that think outside of the box that make the big bux, try it. I think its a good idea.

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      unless you can get those domains for a dime a dozen, it might be costly
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    Its funny you run through this entire scenario and then you state "Now I know this won't work..." Well it definitely won't going into anything with that thought.

    But to answer your question it will work based on one critical part of your equation - the conversion rate. If you really think you can get 2-3% then it will work. Especially if you have based it on past success.

    But I have to say with "junk" traffic (as you describe it) I have never seen a conversion rate higher than 0.5%. You still get a positive ROI at 0.5% but its not much. But as you say "scale the crap out of it".
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      I suspect the only bit you're "missing", really, is "targeting".

      If you can make it work, you can make it work. I think people do make it work, at least to some extent. But you need a very "generalized" kind of CPA offer, or whatever, to promote with it, because your targeting's going to be pretty inconsequential.

      It's not my idea of a "good business model", I have to say, and I think there might be quite a bit of trial and error in it, too (both in setting it up in the first place and in maintaining it). But I imagine it isn't impossible.
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    Alexa hit it right on the head. Instead of just buying a bunch domains that really don't make any sense. Try buying domains with the traffic that is related to the offer you plan to promote. Doing that may help with the conversions.
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    The question really isn't whether it will or won't work... only you can be the judge of that.

    My issue or the one thing that would prevent me from making it work; is that it doesn't seem like a stable/long term business model.

    Personally, seems like too many factors at play here to put any confidence in this... and too much of an investment as well; those websites aren't exactly going to be dirt cheap, especially if they already garner enough traffic.
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    I wouldn't encourage something like this, but doesn't mean you couldn't get some results with it.
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    It wouldn't work. You have to buy the domains, host them all, redirect them all, keep up with the cpa offers etc and if they're crappy domains who's going to find them? Even if they have 200-300 visitors a month are they uniques or not? If they're not uniques they won't keep coming back to a re-directed site to find themselves having to enter email submits or whatever every time I wouldn't have thought. Way too much work and I think you would make a loss anyway without all the time taken into consideration, but maybe I'm wrong.
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    Sounds like alot of work. Why not make money the old fashioned way?
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Sounds like alot of work. Why not make money the old fashioned way?
      Yeah, you seem clever enough, you could easily earn that with one site I bet!
      Instead of re-directing traffic from a whole bunch of unpredictable sites, replace those with blue collar methods like forum posting etc, seems more reliable. Just my two cents!

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    Try it with 3 domains and see if it works. I suspect your traffic assumption and your conversion assumptions will prove to be overly optimistic but don't let me or anyone else tell you it won't work!
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    You can always test this out on a small scale and see what happens and then go from there.
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