Any popular sites like clickbank that don't have a sign up fee?

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Well, the title speaks for itself. I was told not to use clickbank, as they scammed people. I was also recommended to, but if they have any others without a 50 dollar sign up fee, I think that would be a smarter route to go. Also clickbank has rediculous limits on the prices I hear. I have a product worth over 2 grand which I would like to resell somehow...but I don't have a website...that's also the problem.

So, another question would be, are there any sites like clickbank which I can use to market my product WITHOUT A WEBSITE?? (meaning they would create the website for me and I give them some of the profits)

Thanks a mil
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    You might want to try paydotcom, but i dont think they build the landing pages for you?

    Hasta la WinVista, Baby!

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      I would think that anyone building you a landing page would charge you more than the $50. you would have to pay at ClickBank. Not only that, the product still has to be promoted..

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    Another thought.. U could use one of the many FREE services for a website till you make a few bucks. You can also download a FREE html editor and build your own download page on the free sight.. The free html editor is NVU (just Google for download page).

    Good Luck


    I am giving away an ebook on the subject of how to write and market an eBook ( how to create and market an ebook). Can be downloaded at.

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    You can try linkshare and commissionjunction I saw in linkshare that joining its site is free no sign up fee requires. And in commissionjunction I saw that it is free to join. And I think it is very easy to use. You might try that sites in order for you to find out if it really works for you.

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    So whats 50 bucks if your product is worth over 2 grand????

    And if its that great you must have tons of cash.
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    I'm not quite sure why $50 would be a problem if you seriously have something for sale at 2 grand! (Plus, getting someone from to build you a site would only cost you a few hundred at worst! One sale and you'd be well in profit!)

    Oh, and although Clickbank do have some price guidance, you can ask for an exception and they will review you/your product. They have a reputation to keep, so a $2,000 product from an unknown seller needs to be looked at. (Look at it from their perspective). And I've never heard of them "scamming" anyone! They're far too well established to be risking that. Besides, they don't need to!

    However ... since you ask... don't charge a sign up fee. If you buy DLGuard, (highly desirable for your expensive product), and you are willing to accept payment via Paypal, (you have to with Paydotcom - it's integrated with Paypal), then DLGuard generates an (optional) landing page for you.

    Also, Paydotcom will let you sell physical products too - whereas Clickbank is downloadables only.

    No one, of course, is going to generate your sales page, (unless you pay them to), but I assume that isn't what you mean.

    Good luck with it, but honestly, I'd go back to Clickbank!

    All good things
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    Okay, lets get this straight. Do I have the facts right?

    1. You are a genius who has come up with a unique way to negate the house advantage in Las Vegas.

    2. You think that this knowledge is worth $2000 because you are sure it can make someone hundreds of dollars.

    3. You claim that while you lived in Las Vegas you personally used this system to make your living.

    4. Now you don't live in Las Vegas you 'no longer have a need for it.'

    5. You owe eBay thousands of dollars.

    6. You know zero about how to make a website.

    7. And less about how Internet marketing works.

    8. You think that the role of an affiliate is to build a website for you.

    9. Despite having the knowledge to make as much money as you like from your gambling system, you seem reticent to spend even the few dollars it takes to join ClickBank or any other affiliate program. Or to pay someone to build a website for you.

    10. You insult the intelligence of Warriors and still expect us to answer your spurious non-questions.

    I'm afraid you lost me at #1. The Internet is littered with geniuses who think that they can beat basic mathematics. Everything else that you have claimed or stated is, by reflection, BS.

    But hey, thanks for the entertainment.

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    If I had a product I could sell for $2000, I would not put it on Clickbank (even if they approved it at that price, which is unlikely), because their fees are high and they give refunds too easily.

    If it were a $50 product, those things wouldn't bother me so much.

    At that price point I would make it a physical product to cut down on the "sharing", increase the value, etc.

    It also makes no sense to me that someone with such a high ticket product cannot just hire someone to build a website. If nothing else, couldn't you barter a copy of the product for that?
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    You have a product thats worth 2000? What is it about?
    Why don´t you have a website?
    Without a website you can´t do anything.
    A 2000 dollar product and no one ever will see it!
    This is really sad!

    Stefan Zeulner,Internet Marketer and Website Flipper
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      Hello All:

      Very good conversation. I am quite late for this one due to stumbling upon but very entertaining indeed Mr. Martin (dot, decimal...) Avis. I must tell you that your dot is definately a "point" and you definately made an entertaining and relevant point here. Clever and loved the Vegas. In this case, what happens in or out of Vegas doesn't matter.

      And Clickbank is a reliable and dependable source for marketing products. Let's all remember...we are warriors trying to make a living with marketing something or another. We are in this war to make a dollar or more $$$.

      Affiliate Marketing is tough...especially newbies.


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        2K product but reluctant to pay $50?

        Clickbank don't scam people, they're a payment processor. The only people doing the scamming on CB are dodgy vendors and serial refunders.

        Always look up facts for yourself in this world, don't rely on the second hand information of others, you never know when they may have a vested interest or at worst, as in this case, no idea what they're talking about.

        One other point I find slightly confusing. You used this in Vegas but have left now so no longer need it. Can I therefore assume there are no Casino's where you are now and that this doesn't work at any of the online Casino's? Or does this only work in Vegas? In which case your market is limited to Vegas and you ought to move back.

        Just saying, because if I had some fool proof gambling system known only to me, I'd be in a Casino right now, if I hadn't already retired.

        Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    It is not true that clickbank do scam people. There are many testimonies that can prove that you can work with clickbank so don't worry.
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      Guys ... the thread is two-and-a-half years old (and it was only nonsense in the first place) ... I'm "just saying".
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Guys ... the thread is two-and-a-half years old (and it was only nonsense in the first place) ... I'm "just saying".
        Dam, yes, missed that.

        Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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