Warrior Question: Shared IP Vs. Dedicated plus another one

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Need your opinions I have have five sites on one account. I was thinking about going to a dedicated IP address which would allow all my sites to be on that dedicated IP address, what are your thoughts on dedicated IP address vs shared, is it worth the $2.50 a month does really help you SE ranking at all?

Are there any benefits in having a dedicated IP address? What are the negatives in having a shared IP?

Second question: Do domains with dashes that are keyword word targeted preform just a well as with out the dash? for example does consumer reviews dot com preform as well as consumer-reviews dot com?

Thanks in advanced!
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    Dashes are absolutely fine. As long as your targeted keyword(s) are in your domain in some capacity, google will like it.

    The whole dash phobia thing is akin to UFO paranoia. It simply isn't worthy of your worry.
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    There is no (SEO) benefit of having a dedicated IP if you only have one website.

    It will only benefit you if you have lots of websites (possibly hundreds to thousands) in different IP C Class addresses, linking back to your main website.

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    I like to have my sites on different IP addresses, it is much easier stay under the radar if you are linking between your sites. I don't believe links between sites hosted on the same IP addresses have the same value as those from different coming from different IP address.
    I am not too concerned whether these are dedicated or not.
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    Yeah, I agree with bgmacaw. It's just not logic to punish for being normal person who can't afford dedicated server. So unless you have something really resource hungry, I would stay away from dedicated.
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