If you're just starting - what is your goal/target for IM success?

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Hi warriors,

This is something that seems to get missed by many people starting out.

Asking yourself the question about what your goal is can be very revealing.

For example, if you're just trying to get enough income to quit your job - you could easily end up working stupid hours doing something you don't like but can't afford to stop because it pays your bills - That might be even worse than the job you're currently trying to leave.

Maybe you understand that what you're considering is not a sensible long term plan, but right now you just need some money so you don't care - and you're definitely going to move over to something that makes sense later.

Or perhaps your time, family and life are way too valuable for you to even consider wasting it on anything except a sound business that will ensure your financial security and that of your family, so considering anything that wouldn't supporting ending up there - is not a consideration.

Many people start out in IM by getting advice like "go to clickbank and pick a product to promote" and then running around trying to work out why their efforts are not producing results, so it's understandable why people end up in crazy situations, but when you're just starting out - YOU get to choose your motivation and decide what your goal or target is. It may well need revising later (almost certainly), but do you start with your big goal, or are you starting with any small money-focused goal just so that you can start to believe something bigger may be possible?

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